Crashing and Rebooting during gameplay

  maiden fan 23:13 30 Aug 2005

I have a pentium prescot 3ghz prossecor,
Asus 661fx-m motherboard,
DDR400 ram 1gig
Radeon 9550
My computer runs great till I play games (sims2, Star Trek) then my computer will start to crash or reboot I've also found that I can't run disc's after the comp starts up I have to let it run for 30 minutes other wise it locks up. I've cheaked eveything and also paid to have it looked at? put can,t find a problem, The stange thing is that the card is a agp but the control panel say's it's switched off and won'tlet me switch it on. Why do I need a new caed or motherboard,She's only 6 months old special build.

  Funkey 10:32 31 Aug 2005

hmmm theres a possible number of causes for your issue...

We'll start with the simple stuff....
1) have you double checked that your system is indeed using your Radeon card and not a possible onboard graphics chip that might be hiding there? You'd be amazed how many times people have fallen for it and left the onboard enabled which isnt sufficent for the latest games.

2) have you tried the latest drivers for your radeon card (click here)? Or did the problem only start occuring when you installed a version different to the ones you previous had?

And now some things to consider:

3) When you say the pc reboots are you sure? Or are you getting "VPU Recovery" error messages?

I only ask this because I've seen Radeon cards give black screens during a game and then a "VPU Recovery" error message appears saying that the GRAPHICS CARD (not the pc) has been restarted and that the graphics card is now running in software accelerated mode......thus giving the illusion to the untrained eye that the pc has rebooted. This may explain why you get further problems after the first occurance of the day.

4) Have you been attempting to overclock your card?

If you can get your hands on might wanna try using a different Radeon card (preferably same model, and use the same drivers) in your machine, this will soon tell you if the card itself is knackered.

If your system is only 6 months old, and your graphics card was purchased from new, then you should still have it under warranty. speak to your supplier.

  €dstowe 10:54 31 Aug 2005

Another common cause of shutdowns and rebooting during hard work (such as in games) is the CPU overheating. Ensure all your fans are working effectively and do a check on the temperatures.

  gudgulf 11:19 31 Aug 2005

First off check in the Bios settings that you are using the ATI graphics.......I've looked in the manual for your board and the adjustment is made in the Advanced Bios settings under Chipset> Northbridge configuration.It will be under something like "primary graphics adapter",you need to make sure AGP is selected.Link to manual click here

Follow €dstowe's advice.

See if that does the trick.....if not then reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers (from the disc that came with the mobo or click here .you need the AGP{Gart)and IDE drivers) and your ATI graphics card drivers.ATI drivers click here

  maiden fan 22:04 03 Sep 2005

I have checked my bios setting and they are all right also have installed all the latest driver's and it hasn't worked, I'm not clued up enough to overclock and with I feel quite a fast prossecor I don't have the need.I did replace the graphic card with a radeon 7000 to see what would happen and it did the same thing.
I can't understand why she runs great on everything till you try to play games, I even had a expert(HA) have a look at her all he did was reinstall win xp and charge me £60 guess what it didn't help.
What do I do now, I did intend to replace the motherboard with a better one but not this soon.
I got in touch with motherboard manufacturer they told me to download new bios and flash it never done that before worried it could go wrong.
Everything was great till I got this 9550 card.

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