Crashing Problems with XP

  Russ100 10:29 01 Oct 2004

Where do I begin???

The bosses brand new (2 weeks old)PC running Win XP (SP2) came with 256mb RAM.

Tried to play Sims 2 - not enough RAM. Was sent a second 256mb RAM chip by PC manufacturer. (Original chip PC3200 400mhz - second chip PC2700 333 mhz if this is relevant).

Then the problems started.

System crashed - message stating Win sys32/config file missing or corrupt.

Recovery prog loaded by manufacturer on C drive doesn't work - have formatted D drive and reinstalled XP twice this week. Finally got it working again yesterday - no bugs.

Bosses kids were playing on Sims 2 last night when system crashed again. Win Sys32/config warning is back.

I did a complete virus check on the system - both C & D drives before the second reinstall and got rid of the nasties that were lurking there (adware etc).

Is it conceivable that the new RAM chip could be at fault? I ask this because I treated myself to a new PC last year and suffered the traumas of a dodgy chip.

I would very much appreciate any input on this problem as my head hurts and the wall needs replastering!!!

  Baledor 10:50 01 Oct 2004

from the Microsoft web site. A few other websites are reporting problems with the DirectX version shipping with Sims 2

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 01 Oct 2004

This happens to me every now and again (but not since I've installed sp2)

Is XP working OK at the moment?

Do you have the original XP CD?

Make a new directory on c drive called backup or any other name your can remember

Boot from CD and load Recovery consul (r at first screen) looks like DOS.

change directory to c:\windows\system32 and copy the config file to your backup directory e.g.

copy config c:\backup

Exit recovery consul and reboot. Now you have a good copy of config, Murphy's Law states it will not crash again for months

When (if) next crash occurs boot from CD into recovery consul and copy file back to C:\window system32, much quicker than a reinstall

  Russ100 11:03 01 Oct 2004

Thanks for that Baledor.

Is it likely that this would be serious enough to do the kind of damage I've described? I fully anticipate having to reload XP given that the PC won't boot up because of the missing/damaged file.

  Russ100 11:09 01 Oct 2004

Fruit Bat - thanks for the info.

I won't know till lunchtime when I get to work on the PC, which isn't here in the office, exactly what the state of affairs is.

I do know that it won't boot into XP though.

Presumably, if I shove the XP disc in when I crank up the PC I'll be able to follow the actions you've suggested.

Please keep the suggestions coming! Something's bound to work.

Needless to say, if and when I get the PC running again, The Sims are getting the chop for a while!

  1514 11:15 01 Oct 2004

click here

You could try testing your ram with this. I found that a stick of my ram was not seated properly on my wife's computer and it sorted my own computer out a treat as , apparantly, it was not compatible, so said Scan computers and duly replaced it. It works a treat now!

  Russ100 09:56 02 Oct 2004

Problem resolved!

Despite being told earlier in the week that the RAM chips would work OK together, a subsequent enquiry to the PC manufacturer revealed that the chips weren't compatible at all, and they've agreed to replace one of them.

Have taken out one of the chips and everything seems to be OK (after the fourth format and reinstall).

My thanks to those who put forward suggestions. Any response is always appreciated, even if it doesn't always help.

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