crashing after standby.

  dagbladet 16:03 18 Oct 2003

Hi all, the honeymoon period of my new machine is well and truly over. After three months it has started to get "clunky". First it simply came out of whatever application it was doing, say browsing the internet, or playing a game. It would just click and close the application and return to the desktop. I would get the "recovered from serious error"(or something like that) and "send/don't send a report". Then when I tried to boot up from standby it would sometimes be OK, sometimes do a full boot up and on one occassion did nothing at all, even the power switch wouldn't budge it, so I had to unplug it from the wall. Once booted up I would get the screen that I was just talking about. Needless to say I haven't copied the error files yet, I'll do that next time it crashes. I did a SR back to day one which hasn't helped so this morning I decided to test the recovery discs that I made when I first started the machine. Firstly the disks worked in as much as I seemed to have a clean install of XP, but 10 minutes ago when I 'right clicked' on my DVD-rom icon I got the 'eternal egg-timer' after five minutes (all right it was probably more like two) I C+A+D and end programmed which caused another crash. This time when I hit 'Don't send' there was a second, similar window below it that said my graphics card drivers were the chief suspect. When I look at the properties for the graphic card it says "this dvice is working properly". I'll put my specs according to Belarc, if thats any help.
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600).512 Megabytes Installed Memory. NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X [Display adapter]

  hugh-265156 21:13 18 Oct 2003

graphics drivers are the main cause of restarts and errors,i use to get recovered from a serious error message all the time untill i installed sp1,i see you have that though.

update windows anyway,may help,critical ones fix security issues,others for bugs etc. click here

get the latest drivers for your graphics card may help too click here and updating your motherboard drivers is a good idea too,get the latest ones from the mothorboard or computer manufacturers website.

have a read click here;en-us;308041 also.

  hugh-265156 21:15 18 Oct 2003

sorry,my last link should have been click here

  hugh-265156 21:17 18 Oct 2003

also ment to say have a good clean out via add/remove programs of anything you dont a disk check,cleanup and defrag too.

  dagbladet 21:30 18 Oct 2003

Funny you should mention my graphics drivers, this is one of the error messages.

"nv The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your hardware device vendor for any drive"

I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them, but I had another minor crash after, although the error message was something about a 'mini-dump' ?

  graham√ 21:42 18 Oct 2003

It's instinct to look for a complicated solution first. Instead, rule out the obvious.

Is the mouse lead faulty? Test by waggling it about.

Is the monitor lead faulty? Again, give it a waggle.

These days, USB is the way to connect things. But you have to be careful. If you have an ADSL modem, it must be on a Root hub on its own.

  rickf 21:59 18 Oct 2003

Perhaps it best to contact the retailer and don't mess around with the h/ware too much as it would void your warranty. I am assuming that you bought this as a complete system.I am suggesting this as you ought not to be putting up with these crashes for a 3 month old machine.

  hugh-265156 22:02 18 Oct 2003

mini dump ,dumping memory is just windows writing up a error report that is saved and can be sent of to ms for anyalisis.

click here

also click here

click here

  dagbladet 15:47 19 Oct 2003

Afternoon all, sorry about the delay in replying but Sunday is kids football. Right,Rickf, don't worry I wouldn't dare go inside the box (until the warranty has run out). Huggy, I'm looking at your second link now. It just goes to show, when you've got a prob like this you think "why me" only to discover there's hundreds with the same problem, anyway I think i'm going to try the mobo drivers and see if that helps, I'll let you know, cheers, DAG.

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