vienna1981 19:41 12 May 2003

HI, recently whenever I have tried to close a program by clicking ctr+alt+del and clicking end task, my pc crashes! I have no idea why it's started doing this suddenly. It's usually my msn messenger which stops responding. I also noticed, for the first time, that while closing msn messenger, in the list of programs it said unknown>. What could this be? This is the first time I have seen this.

  recap 21:06 12 May 2003

If you use Ctrl+Alt+Delete more than three times in one go, your PC will reboot it'self.

Do you always use this method to close your programs down?

  vienna1981 11:47 13 May 2003

no only when programs stop responding, as I can't get into the program options to close it down. I do know that clicking the ctrl+alt+del will reboot my pc if i click it too much, this is not the problem, the problem is that now its crashing my pc when it never used to, therefore i have to reboot my pc by pressing the reset button on my hard-drive tower, i press ctrl+alt+del, click on the program thats stopped responding then click end task and then my pc crashes.

  OneSirKnight 12:01 13 May 2003

What o/s are you running? Win ME?

  vienna1981 12:18 13 May 2003

win 98se

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