goll_y 19:40 05 May 2003

Got a problem with my computer. Not sure if the two are related but really want to get them sorted out.

Computer has recently been crashing. This seems the case when I'm checking my system for viruses. I've got F-Secure Virus system. I'm using Windows 2000 Professional. Would you suggest deleting F-Secure?

The other thing is that when playing WINDVD the system keeps crashing after a period of time and then I get a sound with a still screen. I've just downloaded ActviveX 9.0 and have WINDVD 2.2. On properties am I meant to have the following unchecked or checked? Could it be to do with this?

smooth horizontal scaling
smooth vertical scaling
software bob (de-interlacing)
quality - low, high or custom
hardware motion compensation
lock aspect ratio

Please help.


PS I'm a newbie so don't make it too difficult to understand!

  goll_y 20:19 05 May 2003

Can anyone help?

  cdb 22:17 05 May 2003

If it crashes everytime you use F-secure I would say it was the problem.
It might be worth uninstalling ActiveX9 and seeing if everything goes back to normal (if you can't uninstall it, do a system restore to before you installed it) If it does go back to normal, I'd say ActiveX9 was the problem. Can't say about the settings as I use PowerDVD or Real player 1.

  Rhuddlan 22:57 05 May 2003

Disable all startup items in msconfig, go to start and run, type in msconfig, click on the startup tab and disable all services, apply, close and restart the computer, if this fails try uninstalling youre graphics card drivers and then reinstalling them, hope this helps, let me know how you get on, regards, Rhuddlan.

  hugh-265156 23:51 05 May 2003

ActiveX9 ? is it direct x 9 that was installed?

  jac1968 08:56 06 May 2003

how can i set my pc back by 48 hours ...i know this can be done as technichal support have done this for me previously...i am having a problem with my internet connection and am not sure if it is something that i have done or not .... hope you can understand this

  Rhuddlan 20:06 06 May 2003

Not sure about the internet connection, but to do a system restore, go to start, all programs, accessories, systems tools and system restore at the bottom and click next, then on the calender go back to the nearest day to today and click next to restore to this date, your computer will restart and notify you to say that it has been restored to a particluar date, hope this works, reagrds, Rhuddlan.

  Eagie 20:17 06 May 2003

It's not polite to hi-jack someone elses thread. If you have a problem you should post in separately - you'll get more answers that way too.#


I had a similar problem with my machine crashing when virus checking with norton. I have reinstalled everything from scratch and it appears to have been caused by Easy CD creator as that is the only thing I haven't reloaded and all is fine. Not sure if that helps you at all.

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