crashing 20 times a day

  zoobie 05:30 10 Mar 2005

Hi - My system is crashing 20 times a day and 8 times just to post this message.
With the computer off, I unpluged my keyboard to clean it and then plugged it back in the ps/2. When I powered up, all hell broke loose. The mouse wheel suddenly resizes the text, the keyboard types strange symbols, everything freezes, typing in forms opens keyboard shortcuts, desktop shortcuts suddenly stopped working...even ctrl + alt + delete doesn't work.

I ran Dr Watson and found nothing.
I went into device mgr and found a warning under ACPI device:

Windows could not load the driver for this device because the computer is reporting two ACPI.SYS bus stypes. (Code 2)

I really can't type or operate under these conditions.

What happend?

Any help appreciated.


  zoobie 05:38 10 Mar 2005

sorry...I plugged my keyboard back into the appropriate outlet...not the ps/2. My wife cleaned the keyboard and I noticed a ton of water in it when i shook it. It's dry now but with the same symptoms.

I've had to copy and paste this message several times and jsut rebooted for the 9th time since the typing freez

  [DELETED] 07:16 10 Mar 2005

Definitely get a new keyboard, because of the impurities in the water it will cause tracking across the printed circuit board inside, even after its dry it still leaves deposits.

If the computer is still giving grief, post back.

  [DELETED] 16:05 10 Mar 2005

You must remind the wife to put it in the Spin-dryer after she has washed it.
Only joking. ;-))
Hope you get it sorted

  [DELETED] 16:37 10 Mar 2005

You can get keyboards from about five to six pounds upwards, but if you put the Keyboard on to a radiater overnight it could possibly dry out enough.
My best one was a Chippies Computer it was in the backshop where they did the cooking, well it stopped working and to cut along srory short i washed the motherboard in hot soapy water the dryed it with a hair dryer and it worked,
I would not recomend it but it was worth it luckily for him, He was playing games when he should have been working and his wife told him he was not getting another computer unlessit was over her dead body.

  [DELETED] 17:19 10 Mar 2005

Check the keyboard plug for any bent pin/pins. It will be wise to invest in a new keyboard before it inflicts further damage if not already done.

Code 2: Windows could not load the device driver.

Search if you can for ACPI.SYS and delete the duplicated entry if found.
Good luck.

  zoobie 19:09 10 Mar 2005

Fortunately, my wife had bought me a new keyboard for Christmas. No problems since I've hooked it up. Guess it was kinda obvious what the problem was...yet it looked like the OS had been corrupted. Thanks all.

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