Crashes and calamities!

  Hedontownee 16:58 10 Jun 2004

Those of you that regularly peruse these pages
will know that I have posted several topics generally around the question of Windows quality and security.
Well, I have once again suffered a major crash which I guess was partially self inflicted.
I was unhappy with the way Windows was dealing with several programs and decided to try and repair the fault.
In spite of taking a belt and braces approach to repair and recovery....all went pear shaped and I found myself in the situation of having to re-format C drive and start again
Yes I did backups and recovery procedures to cover just this eventuality.
However I found the these procedures where either corrupted or just crashed.
So the point of this ramble is to raise the query.
Is there a foolproof way of ensuring that if a "crash" occurs that the system can be "rescued"
I welcome comments on this topics so that we can all learn the optimum rescue technique
End of ramblings :-)
Dont all shout at once !!!!!!

  johnsims 17:46 10 Jun 2004

If like me you are an inveterat tinkerer, then there are a couple of things that are in my opinion very important.
1. Keep all data on a separate partition so that if the OS goes tits up then you can reformat/reninstall without risk to the important stuff - i.e. your data.
2. Take a look at HyperOs. It is a systems multiplier that allows you to install multiple copies of the OS and make backups of the complete OS partition so that if it all goes wrong you can restore the whole set up in seconds. Visit their site, click here and make sure you read the somewhat longwinded section on "benefits to you". I've had it for over two years and never had a windows crash that wasn't my own fault. Both times I copied back the backup and was up and running on exactly the same system (minus the problem I induced!) within 2 minutes. It is not real cheap, but well worth the money.

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