crash re-boot crash re-boot

  dash1 15:40 19 Feb 2005

My computer has recently developed a 'crash re-boot crash re-boot' mentality. The first crash tends to happen just 5 minutes after boot-up, then it re-boots. The cycle repeats every 4-5 minutes.

Think it might be a temperature problem, i've checked the CPU fan and it appears to be working correctly.

Any ideas? Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:46 19 Feb 2005

When it happens again, go into the BIOS and see what temp the machine is at.

Are there any messages? Does it always happen?

  BurrWalnut 15:46 19 Feb 2005

I agree, it sounds like an overheating problem.

If you're running WinXP, next time you get it running go to Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced Tab, Startup & Recovery at the bottom and click Settings, then untick "Automatically restart".

This will give you time to read the message (if there is one) before having to manually reboot.

  dash1 15:55 19 Feb 2005

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I'm currently running Windows 98.

No messages and Yes, it happens every time.

  FelixTCat 16:15 19 Feb 2005

Check that the heatsink has not become blocked with dust.

Also, check the seating of the memory chips and the graphics card - sometimes they work just a frction loose with heating up and cooling down.

Finally, make sure that the psu fans are working.

  dash1 21:36 19 Feb 2005

Right, i've just made a small breakthrough. Whilst checking the cpu temperature in the bios the computer didn't crash. Likewise whilst in safemode it didn't crash.
I've removed all programmes and reinstalled windows 98 but within 4 minutes of re-booting it crashed again.
Any other ideas?

  FelixTCat 21:42 19 Feb 2005

This sounds like a driver problem now. Uninstall the graphics driver and use a basic Windows driver. Does it still crash?

  dash1 21:46 19 Feb 2005

Will have to try this 2morrow. Thanks for the help and i'll let you know what happens.

  dash1 16:40 20 Feb 2005

I've now tried all off the above to no avail. I've even tried installing Win XP but it crashed after 20 minutes, now it won't let me get past the date/time settings.

  FelixTCat 16:47 20 Feb 2005

When you boot in safe mode, Windows loads a minimal driver set - just enough to get you going. Since it didn't crash in safe mode, I assumed a driver problem. However, it might be a periferal that has the problem but wasn't found in safe mode because its driver didn't load.

Try removing everything but the primary hard drive, a cd drive and the graphics card and trying again. If it works, add one component at a time until it crashes. There will be your problem.

  ^wave^ 16:52 20 Feb 2005

just had similar problem turned out to be the mother board if thats any help

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