Crash literally

  marsman 23:05 22 Aug 2006

Wonder if someone can cast some light on this? On saturday night some muppet crashed their car right into the local NTL box by the side of their road and knocked it 20 yards down the road. All the area went off, NTL have reconected, but my modem dont like it, I used to use IP 192.169.0.? now I get IP's etc, the router can no longer detect my ISP, one machine conects with this 82 *** address using DHCP through the router the other PC detects 192.168.20.* using DHCP and the lapton wireless dont detect anything, still I guess its not going to.

  Strawballs 23:12 22 Aug 2006


  FelixTCat 23:31 22 Aug 2006


You have a weird problem.

What is your setup? Is it an cable modem feeding a wireless router to your pcs?

The 82.... IP address looks like the WAN address of the modem passing through to the pc. If the PC has this address, then there is no DHCP server running on the router. Is the other pc on a fixed IP address?

Recheck that the router's DHCP server is switched on and that NAT is active. Check that the cable modem's DHCP server is switched off.

Reboot everything in sight and see what happens.



  marsman 23:43 22 Aug 2006

I have two desktop PC's and a wireless laptop, all worked no prob until this lunatic flatened the NTL box on the road. The two desktop PC's are wired into the router, and were using 192.168.*.8 addresses, the one i'm typing this on has DHCP and indicating a strange IP address as follows;82.4.172.* Gateweay: ive never assigned this type of address, the othe machine is assigned DHCP and wants to assign 192.168.20.*, DHCP is enabled, although it is now touch and go when it wants to let you into the webbrowser address, this machine i'm typing on can connect through the router, the other PC even when I type an identical IP address as this machine albeit changing the last digit does not let me on, in other words only one of the two wired desktop PC's can connect. I'm wondering if its possable due to the way the whole area went down, if its corruted the router? Thanks for your help.

  FelixTCat 00:28 23 Aug 2006


I'm just a little confused here. Only routers (and some cable modems) have DHCP servers and issue IP addresses. PCs can have addresses assigned by DHCP or set manually.

It appears that your router has a WAN address (i.e. the address assigned by ntl) of and for some reason your wireless laptop is assigned an address of 82.4.172.x, i.e. is also being assigned by ntl. You should have no trouble connecting to the internet.

It is unusual for pcs to be allotted 192.168.x.8 addresses since that assumes a strange net mask.

I suggest that you enter the set-up pages of the router and set its DHCP server to On, its LAN address to and set it to issue IP addresses in the range -

On each pc open a cmd window (Start - Run, enter cmd [Enter]), then type ipconfig /release [Enter] ipconfig /renew[Enter]

That should ensure that all 3 pcs are assigned an address from the router and use it as the gateway.



  marsman 17:40 23 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help Felix, I feel a right divy, I'd only plugged the cable which should have gone in the lan port into an RJ45 port on the router, I though i'd checked al that to be right, hence the posting on here. Anyway thanks for your help.

  FelixTCat 18:38 23 Aug 2006


Thanks for your openness in telling us that. Perhaps the first step in a solution should be to check the cables. I'll have to remember that in future.

Best of luck,


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