Crash during defrag

  andyloran 02:50 11 Jan 2004

WINDOWS 98SE. I started defrag overnight and when I got up the PC had crashed. It must have got half way through. It keeps freezing, My screen goes blank and the pc is frozen, I have to turn the power on and off to get it back. A lot of the programmes don't work, especially the shortcuts. I tried to defrag again and it gets to 81% and stops, I tried this several times. Someone told me I will have to reformat, whatever that means. I have reinstalled windows 98se. Please can anyone help?

  vinnyo123 03:00 11 Jan 2004

defrag will not complete or go very slow if you have to many programs running in the task bar or at startup.Tell use what is running in the task bar and in system configuration utility>startup tab

you get there by >start>run>msconfig>ok>startup tab>all these programs are CONSTANTLY running>

post back and we will tell you what is safe to turn off (shut down)

  andyloran 03:11 11 Jan 2004

I understand all that, I close everything down but Systray and Explorer. What it does is goes to 81% and then sticks completely with the blues squares completed and about 8 white squares and then one dark green one. It is as if it has defragged and moved all the bits of files about and then frozen. When I pulled the plug and restarted, it lost all the bits it had not refragged. Does that sound clearer?

  vinnyo123 03:58 11 Jan 2004

not realy sorry maybe look here

click here

  hugh-265156 04:09 11 Jan 2004

start the computer in safe mode.keep tapping F8 or F5 as soon as you switch the computer on and select safe mode from the list.

run defrag once in safe mode.this will ensure that nothing interferes with the defrag.

  bananaslik 08:30 11 Jan 2004

hi andyloran,i dont know much about 98'the only time i have had probs defraging-i have done a scan disc first,this does the trick for may b something else but give it a go, you never know sometimes we think tooo hard.good luck

  andyloran 09:06 11 Jan 2004

There isno problem with the defrag. It does it fine. It is that during one particular defrag the computer froze and I had to unplug it to get it started again. Once I had done that it seemed to have lost either the bits it had replaced or the bits it had not, but now it cannot find all the bits and stops at 81% every time, it gets to that easily. My computer does not work properly now either, It keeps freezing and I have to unplug it to get it to restart. I get the 'CANNOT FIND mmsystem281' sign up at reboot also. Lots of problems, I think it is a reformat job but I will have to find out how to save what programmes I have which are any good.

  andyloran 09:07 11 Jan 2004

Have run scandisc, it says no errors.

  VoG II 09:24 11 Jan 2004

click here may help you with the reformat.

  andyloran 11:40 16 Jan 2004

Have finally managed to defrag but certain programmes are not working properly but am managing. I dare not reformat but I will carry on as it is. Some of the file extensions are not being recognised, eg. .DAT, .pub. Also at startup I get a message saying MMYSTEM281 MISSING. Can't get rid of it.

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