Crash Crash Crash

  funky_demon 23:22 19 May 2005

Help, ,i at my wits end with this

I have the following spec set up

Asus A7V880 Motherboard (Bios Updated)
AMD xp3200 proc
Nvidia 6600gt graphic (Updated)
SOundblaster Audio (Updated driver)
2 x 80 gig SATA Hard drives
512 Ram (ballistix CL2 Type)

USing it normally, (Apps,internet)all is ok
As soon as i load up agame, Hl2 ot Tiger woods 2004 etc, it runs for a while then locks up

I have to manually restart the pc. the windows error reporting suggests " error caused by device driver"

any body got any ideas?


  pete-290318 00:04 20 May 2005

I would look first at your graphics card ... sounds like an overheating problem...
clean around the fan and possibly mount another case fan to pull air out of the case over the graphics card

  John-259217 00:05 20 May 2005

I`d be looking at the graphics card drivers as the problem occurs when you try to play games.

You mention you are using updated drivers, but it may be worth trying earlier versions from Nvidia just in case the latest ones (version 71.89 I think) conflict with your hardware.

Also is your power supply sufficient to run your machine?

The extra load when the graphics card works hard sometimes shows up poor performing power supplies in unusual ways.

  funky_demon 16:08 20 May 2005

I have the following case

click here

As you can see, it has the PS fan, and a intake fan on the side

I would like to increase the coooling, but am not sure how

  woodchip 16:12 20 May 2005

First thing to try and cost Free. Take the side of comp

  woodchip 16:15 20 May 2005

Extra Fans can have an adverse effect if not fitted in the correct place. As they may be working against themselves. Cooling should flow from front to back across the Mobo

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