Crash Attacks & Lock Ups!

  andywg 19:37 06 Oct 2003

A friend of mine has a pc running Win 98 se, which keeps crashing (locking up). Before we rebuilt it, it was running Win 95 and doing the exact same thing!

Running a scan disk made no difference at all, no errors were found

What can the trouble be?

Im open to any suggestions!

Many thanks.....

logically if this has been happening with both OS's then this must be a hardware issue, First and foremost i would try a new power supply as this is a common cause of intermittent lock-ups, perhaps before that make sure everything everything is connected and seated well, remove your memory modules and put them back in again, this will remove any corrosion that could be interfering with the connection.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:42 06 Oct 2003

Try changging the display/graphic adapters, if possible. I tend to find that these are numero uno for causing crashes.


  andywg 22:39 06 Oct 2003

Thanks for the advice guys, will try power supply, did put new display drivers on, but still the same! Thanks anyway though.

Any more suggestions are always welcomed!


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