Crash after Crash after Crash

  sean-278262 20:30 25 Oct 2004

My computer recently has become more and more unstable.I can run applications fine but after a time most things fail and windows tell me an unexpected error occured. It is annoying and often disruptive to my work. Is there any suggestions for ways to fix this, I understand that it could be just about anything but i'm not prepared to reboot fully, so any ideas are welcomed

I have Windows XP home. My spec sheet is as follows
AMD XP 2600, 1gb of ram, cdrw, dvd, 120Gb hdd, 15Gb backup drive, geforce fx5200 128mb graphics.

I have updated everything bar the bios on the mobo.But the system has become more and more unstable as time goes by.

Any ideas are gratefully welcomed to try to avoid having to completely reboot.

  jimv7 20:43 25 Oct 2004

Check the temperature of the cpu in the bios, for overheating, check the ram and processor, also run scan disk on the hard drive, any of these could cause this.

  stalion 20:47 25 Oct 2004

when you say you do not want to fully re-boot I gather you mean do not want to re- install windows.
First I would run a check for viruses etc.
Then do a system clean up and de-frag.
run this first then post back click here

  sean-278262 20:49 25 Oct 2004

CPU is running at its normal 38-42 degrees in bios.

I dont get what you mean by check ram and processor, the ram check on start up shows normal 1048576 kbytes.

Oddly i only just noticed that it wrongly detects my cpu as an AMD 1250mhz chip which it isnt.

  sean-278262 20:52 25 Oct 2004

also i have run norton antivirus almost daily ( it kicks in after 20minutes of inactivity) defragged only yesterday, should of mentioned all these as i thought they may solve the problem but havnt.

  stalion 20:54 25 Oct 2004

I would still run my link norton is not infalible

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