Crap microphones

  Clawador 16:21 18 Mar 2006

I want a microphone that can pick up sound from
the WHOLE room and also not require me to
practically stick the thing in my mouth for it
to detect my voice!!

How hard can it be? Any telephone receiver can pick
up sound in this way -and they're not even designed

Sure I can buy a headset for clear sound quality
but is the technology so primitive that when I
turn on the TV and say to the person I'm on I.M
with,"hey this a really cool show!" that they
can't hear a damn thing?

where are the good microphones? :^(

  Diemmess 16:29 18 Mar 2006

Go Hi Fi, not headset style.
You can't have it both ways with a single mic.

Most people in a conversation using a headset, do not want any background noise to intrude.
Some head sets are just junk and a waste of money, but the best don't come cheap.

The odds are that if you use a suitable microphone it will sound to the listener as though you are in a railway station with a high level of background noise all the time.

  Clawador 16:58 18 Mar 2006

Thanks Diemmess - I'm looking up "hi-fi" now :-)

  wiz-king 17:15 18 Mar 2006

Most good headset mics are sound cancelling and that means they are designed to remove room noise, hence your problem. You may have a job getting what you want without going to a studio ribbon mic, try to get one designed for recording in a concert hall. Most stick mics will also be very directional.

  ACOLYTE 17:18 18 Mar 2006

I think a lot also depends on the sound sytem of the PC as to what level of Noise and reduction you get.

  jz 18:40 18 Mar 2006

"Most stick mics will also be very directional" Not true. Making a mic very directional is very expensive, and they end up being very long. There are plenty of non-directional (known as omni-directional) microphones available.

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