crackling noise from pc

  kumarisblue 13:58 22 May 2006

can anyone suggest what may be the problem with my makes a strage crackling noise intermittently. I have checked cables etc..they seem to be ok. Any ideas?

  moorie 14:28 22 May 2006

hi it happened to me a couple of months ago,sounded like a static sort of noise then a couple of weeks later a loud crack and computer died,it turned out to be the power supply.on fitting the new supply the crackling disappeared not sure if this will be the same in your case but thought i would share it anyway.

  rmcqua 14:38 22 May 2006

Crackling noises are often the sign of (initially) intermittent breakdown within components in the PSU. Be especially suspicious of this if the noises are accompanied by a chemical/burning/ozone smell.
I would suggest that, given the cost of a new PSU, it is almost worth replacing the existing PSU before it fails catastrophically and maybe takes more expensive components with it!

  Pamy 14:55 22 May 2006

It's not the read/write arm of the hard drive by any chance. The hard drive makes a little crackling noise occationaly as it makes checks even when you are not doing anything.


  Gongoozler 14:56 22 May 2006

Do the crackling noises coincide with any computer activity such as moving the mouse or are they random? Mouse movement can cause crackling noises if there is poor isolation between circuits on the motherboard, whereas random crackling can, as suggested by moorie and rmcqua, be caused by component failure.

  kumarisblue 15:16 22 May 2006

Thanks guys....will investigate these issues and get back to you with results!

  Stuartli 16:13 22 May 2006

The HDD activity you mention is normally some defragging when the CPU is idle - it shouldn't make crackling noises.

Another possible cause of crackling can be due to some earlier Via chipset motherboards on the sound side and this can occur in several instances (as Gongoozler notes), including scrolling down web pages.

  Pamy 16:19 22 May 2006

Stuartli, my HDD makes what I would call a crackling noise from time to time, like you say when defraging, but it also occurs from time to time when not defraging.


  Gongoozler 16:36 22 May 2006

The HDD will make what could be called "crackling" noises due to the head moving as Windows does some file sorting in the background, but I think the noise kumarisblue is experiencing is coming from the speakers - although I could be wrong.

  Pamy 16:46 22 May 2006

So Kumarisblue, where does the crackling come from , speakers or tower/desktop?


  kumarisblue 08:33 23 May 2006

Hi Guys...there are no speakers attached to is an internal crackling noise

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