Cracking/popping sounds when going on a new webpage/website?

  x-Mimi-Doll-x 21:03 30 Aug 2013

Hi, I've been receiving crackling/popping sounds (and with lag) every time I go on a new webpage/website.

This happened when I switched my anti virus from AVG to Avast and since then I have been receiving crackling noises. Because of that, I switched back to AVG, but the crackling/popping sounds is still there. So in the end, I personally think it has nothing to do with my anti-virus, but then again it's only an assumption.

The crackling noises occurs when:

  1. I play a Youtube video or Windows media player
  2. Go on a new webpage/website (It's worse when I have a youtube video playing and simultaneously going on a new webpage/site or just going on a new webpage in general).

I also uninstalled my flashplayer and reinstalled it again to make sure it wasn't the flashplayer causing the problem. I also checked the sounds/speaker and there's nothing wrong with them.

Additional Information:

I have a Toshiba laptop with windows 7, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, 64-bit operating system.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?


  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 31 Aug 2013

"...popping sounds when going on a new webpage/website"

I appreciate you say you've looked under "Sounds" but you haven't said what you checked for or what you did. Revisit Control Panel -> Sound -> "Sounds" tab -> "Program Events" section -> "Windows Explorer". The entries relating to sounds whilst navigating webpages are called Start Navigation and Complete Navigation. If a sound has been assigned to those actions, click the "Test" button, and if you hear that pesky popping noise, set its sound to "None".

Or you could simply save the current Sound Scheme, set it to "None" to turn off all Windows sounds, and see if that helps.

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