Cracked disc! Can it be repaired?

  muscic lover 00:19 30 May 2005

I have a games disc that has a small crack in it... does anybody know of how it can be repaired so that it can be read again?

It is split at the centre hole towards the disc edge, across the silver bit! It measures about 1 inch in length.

Can you help with a remedy?

I am willing to try anything... other than pay £££$$$ for a new disc!


  DieSse 00:27 30 May 2005

You could try to copy it from the cracked CD to a new one. It's possible there is nothing actually recorded where the crack is.

BUT - you run the risk of the cracked one flying apart in the drive and damaging it.

Otherwise this is nothing you can do. Do not attept gluing it - it will be unbalanced in the drive, and possibly damage the drive.

  Pooke100 00:43 30 May 2005

click here


Good night all!

  Forum Editor 01:39 30 May 2005

and I suggest that you follow it. Whatever you do, don't attempt to use any form of glue to effect a repair; CDs spin at high speeds, and any weight imbalance (no matter how slight) will cause disc flutter. A CD disintegrating inside the drive at speed can be a frightening experience, and the drive is unlikely to come through it unscathed.

Try to get the data off the disk and onto your hard drive - then you can transfer it to a new CD.

  wee eddie 10:25 30 May 2005

If you have the Original Packaging and a Record of Purchase, pop back into wherever you bought it.

So long as the gap, between purchase and split, is not too large, they may swap it out.

  muscic lover 11:26 30 May 2005

Unfortunately I have had the game for a couple of years!!!

Looks like its off to EBay to find a replacement disk!!!

I cant record it to another disk as it is not being read.

Thanks again folk! You have been a font of knowledge again.....
If i knew you guys personally i'd buy you a pint (unless of course you dont drink) - or whatever you'd fancy!

  Pooke100 11:26 30 May 2005

according to the link I gave......

if the cracked part catches on the lens in the drive?

  Pooke100 11:27 30 May 2005

I posted that just as you posted yours...

Hope ya get it at a good price on ebay.

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