CPU/Motherboard Upgrades

  Crookie 15:19 15 Dec 2003

I currently use a Dell Dimension XPS T600 Desk top pc.
I intend to upgrade the CPU & Motherboard if at all possible.
The motherboard at present is an Intel OEM SE440BX-3 with a P111 600 Mghz processor. I have and AGP nVidia Graphics card, on board sound and a SCSI card for my scanner.
I have decided on an upgrade package from Watford Electronics with a MSI-6712 KT4 motherboard, fan cooling an AMD Athalon XP 2600.
My question is, are there any potential problems in doing this particular upgrade. e.g I think I read somwhere that I will probably requite an OS upgrade from 98SE to XP?
I would appreciate any comments or advice in this endeavor.
Perhaps I should add that I have checked the intel website for any data on the "old" motherboard but they only show data for a SE440BX=2 and not mine, and that motherboard only supports P11 processors.



  Diemmess 17:04 15 Dec 2003

If the new motherboard fits the old case physically, you are only just starting.
The PSU is probably going to have to work too hard for its own good and should be replaced for the higher power needed.

The RAM will almost certainly have to change from SDRAM to DDRAM.

If you want to use 98 at its first startup to upgrade to XP you may find that W98Se doesn't "understand" the new faster CPU and just fall over!

A pity, but I think it is not an economical jump and you might think of replacing the box completely and passing the old one, to someone with less demanding criteria.

  Gongoozler 17:23 15 Dec 2003

Hi Crookie. It really depends how much of an upgrade you want to do. I am the sort of person who would upgrade rather than buy new just for the sake of doing it myself, but you have to decide if upgrading is the sensible path for you. I recently successfully upgraded a computer, running Windows 98se, to use an Athlon XP2000. I fitted a new 450W power supply click here, ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard click here, Athlon XP2000+ processor click here and 256M Crucial memory click here. I used the existing drives with no problems, but as the motherboard would only accept 2.5V AGP, I had to get a new graphics card. Otherwise the upgrade went very smoothly and Windows 98se was quite happy.

If your SCSI scanner card is in an ISA slot, you will probably not be able to use that in your upgrade.

  Rennaissance 17:32 15 Dec 2003

Yeah, I don't see any point in your upgrade, it would be best off building your own pc, if you like. Or, you can buy a new case and PSU and soundcard, Motherboard, processor, and use your old graphics card, harddrive and cd drives. they are the only things i see you can use from your old system and it would be like an upgrade.

  dfghjkl 19:50 15 Dec 2003

i nearly went for that package from watford but with a little research i got the same board a 2500+ cpu and fan and 333mhz memory to match board and cpu (2500+ is faster than 2600+,differant core)with free delivery,it arrived next day instead of 2-5 days as quoted,watford does not stock the kits so they will take longer to supply (2-5 days to them then 2-5 days to you) i got mine from click here

  Crookie 14:16 14 Jan 2004

Thanks to all.
I've decided not to upgrade, but will probably buy new.

  Gongoozler 15:42 14 Jan 2004

And miss out on all that fun ;-)

  Indigo 1 16:45 14 Jan 2004

I think it's very wise to be a little cautious, upgrades can be a pain. :-(

I read recently that some older models of Dell PC's don't upgrade too easily anyway, due to limited compatible components.

And why put yourself through all that hassle when you can get one ready made and tested with perfectly adequate spec for £234.99 ! click here

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