CPU/MOBO Trouble?

  Ben Avery 15:53 03 May 2005


Whilst listening to the rather excellent Australian Pink Floyd Show DVD on my PC the other day, I popped out to grab a cup of tea and as I got half way down the stairs, heard the music stop - all by itself.

On my (rather more hasty) return I found the PC switched off, the monitor light flashing and the power button on the Tower unit no longer working.

I turned off at mains left for a few mins and switched back on but nothing. On opening the PS I found the heatsink laying on the base of the tower unit - the clip had broken and it had fell off!

I attached another heatsink and tryed to switch back on but, although the fan came on, the monitor didn't. I have since replaced the CPU with a old spare one (AMD Duron) and managed to boot to safe mode.

The problem I now have is this: I can boot into safe mode fine (slow, but works) but I cannot boot up XP Pro in "normal" mode.

I have also tried booting up from the CD-ROM and figured I should reinstall XP from sctratch but the CD only get so far (specifically to the "Windows is now loading" section after the initial XP CD-ROM blue screen bootup sequence) then it freezes.

Am I correct in my assumption that I have killed my MOBO too???

Or is there another explaination?

I should note that I've noticed an orange LED lit on the mobo which I hadn't noticed before but I could've simply ignored this in the passed. MOBO is a Gigabyte GA7-VTXE


  Noelg23 16:18 03 May 2005

well I think you have answered that question yourself mate...I would do google search about that orange LED and why it was flashing...since your heatsink fell off I think the MOBO is in need of replacing...

  DrScott 16:20 03 May 2005

If the heatsink physically hit part of the motherboard on the way down, then it might be broken. Otherwise no reason for it not to be working. You probably need to fiddle with the Bios a bit to make sure your mobo is recognising the new processor (assuming your mobo is compatible with your Duron - you didn't say what your original burnt out CPU was).

I don't have the Gigabyte mobo, but it sounds like it's the power LED indicating that power is getting through to the motherboard.

If I were you I'd back up all your files via safe mode, find all your original program cds, and then do a complete reinstall of Windows. Others may have a less drastic solution!

  Ben Avery 17:04 03 May 2005

due to XP CD-ROM not reading in bootup mode as mentioned.

Will look into BIOS but can't see that causing the CD-ROM problems


  DrScott 23:15 04 May 2005

Are you able to get to a command prompt at all? You can always format the HD from there once you've backed up all your files.

I wasn't quite sure from your original message whether you were unable to boot your system from the CDROM, or if you could run windows repair, or whether you could reformat your HD from the CD... to run the windows repair part you shouldn't get the 'windows now loading' screen.

click here may help :)

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