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  retep888™ 14:54 12 Feb 2013

I'm not a watercooling < fan > but am in the process of building/revamping a Power PC, the new components includes an eATX Asus Maximus V Extreme ,full tower case, 16GB ultra fast Rams with airflow fan, i7 3770K Ivybridge, twin GTX 680 in SLI & multiple SSDs in RAID, the only items I'll be reusing are the CPU heatsink /fan & 12.5KW Enermax PSU.

Now my problem is that because of the size of the new Rams ,I can't fit the old heatsink/fan (a shame because it's still fairly new & very efficient but very BIG) which overhangs the Ram slots.

While looking for a suitable new heatsink/fan, the watercooling idea came to me as an alternative, after some researching reveals that it does the job quite well but there are a few glitches such as pump noise & leaks.


  1. Anyone used watercooling for some time & satisfied with it?

  2. Which make & model are you using?

  3. Pump noise level & is it bearable?

  4. Any leak problem? (Water & Electricity doesn't mix)How often do you change /renew the coolant? Do you drain the system while you're away?

  johndrew 15:05 12 Feb 2013

I should have thought your first option would have been the possibility of trimming the heatsink fins adjacent to the RAM slots if it conflicts with the RAM cards when installed. However it may be possible to fit the RAM cards prior to the heatsink and achieving a clearance that way.

Trimming is fairly easy with the heatsink removed and the only major consideration must be ensuring the trimmed edges are smooth and that no swarf (metal debris) remains prior to refitting.

Using existing items is also cheaper - especially if you are happy with the performance.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:45 12 Feb 2013

If you you are meaning a closed loop water cooling set up as opposed to a self build which I have never delved into,though one day I might then I have a little experience.

Back to closed loop, I have at the moment a Corsair H60 yet to be fitted as I am waiting on a case to be delivered and a couple of Corsair SP120 Quiet Series High Pressure Low Noise fans.

But I have used the Antec Khuler H2o 920 which is fitted with a USP connector which slots into a spare header on your mobo and this controls fan speed and gives temp readouts etc. This was a fantastic peice of kit and kept my 0ver-clocked 2500k nice and cool. Regret selling this on as I could use it now. But i am only allowed to keep a certain amount of 'junk' and I had reached my quota so it had to go.

If you are talking about building the water cooling system from scratch? May I suggest reading this. Bit-Tech.

  retep888™ 01:52 13 Feb 2013

Edit: << the only items I'll be reusing are the CPU heatsink /fan & 12.5KW Enermax PSU. >>
should be read as << the only items I'll be reusing are the CPU heatsink/fan & 1.25KW Enermax PSU. >>

johndrew Quoted: << trimming the heatsink fins adjacent to the RAM slots if it conflicts with the RAM cards when installed >>

I know but I'm reluctant to do that because not only the fins were involved but also heatpipes,cutting down the fins also reduce heat dissipation efficiency, thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Chronos the 2nd

TBH even the custom built cooling system isn't that difficult to set up in my point of view but as more pumps & radiators for CPU/GPU ,more noise will be produced as well as more risk of leak because of different types of seals.

Therefore I'm looking at all-in-one (closed loop) atm for less chance of leaking & hopefully quieter operation, your recommended systems both have their pros & cons, I've read loads of reviews,thanks for the suggestion.

At the moment I'm using the stock cooler which does the job well but I wanted to extremely overclock the system for some serious benchmark so efficient cooling is critical.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:53 13 Feb 2013

Another one you might want to look at is the Corsair H100i, if you have a suitable case then this might we what you are looking for. It has some good reviews but I'll leave finding them up to you.

  retep888™ 02:32 14 Feb 2013

Chronos the 2nd

The Corsair H100i is a good alternative & my new eATX case is a CoolerMaster HAF X so no problem for any All-in-one water cooler.

Anyway I'm still looking for an air cooler as well so I'll let you know what the final outcome will be.

  retep888™ 02:51 15 Feb 2013

Finally settle down on air cooling rather than water for this lovely Thermaltake Frio click here , with literally maintenance free & excellent cooling as opposed to regular check up for leaks on watercooling system.

Less maintenance is preferable as the tower is now approaching 30kg with all the components in. :)

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