CPU utilization sometimes goes up to 100%

  mohitcool10 18:02 15 Dec 2014

Sometimes while using my laptop, one or the other process show high utiization making CPU 100% utlized. If I End all the user defined processes like chrome, torrent etc, then other windows processes which are running like explorer, taskmanager etc would start consuming high percentage of CPU.

This is weird. My HP laptop is 5 yeard old and has 4GB Ram, Core2Duo processor with 512Mb Nvidia Graphics Card in it. Runs smooth most of the time but sometimes suddenly there is this problem which i face.

Any solution for this.????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 15 Dec 2014

This could be due to back ground processes like your antivirus or malware doing a scan or windows indexing service.

Look to see what process is taking up the most cpu cycles

  mohitcool10 18:04 16 Dec 2014

On seeing in the process explorer, if it had been malware or something, then obviously i cud have seen unknown process taking unnecessary time. Even when Antivirus is turned off or is not in memory, i see this happening.

As I told, if i open task manager or even resource monitor at the peak usage time, i can these processes also consuming lot of cpu cycles.

Should I assume it as Processor issue.? Or GPU issue? Or Do i need to unassemble my laptop to clean dust from inside. Or Do I need to replace any other component????

  mohitcool10 18:08 16 Dec 2014

The Screenshot of resource monitor is click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 16 Dec 2014

Performance monitor is what seems to be causing the trouble

have a read here

  mohitcool10 15:55 17 Dec 2014

I dont think it is the performance monitor which causes the trouble to cpu clock cycles. In case performance monitor is closed and I don't have any other user process open, it will take any random process and clock its cpu cycles high. Eg: say explorer.exe.

  Bris 17:03 17 Dec 2014

Do you have a swap file?

If so is it big enough?

Are you running low on disc space?

You can get a bit more info from task manager by right clicking on a process then go to details then right click again and choose set affinity, here you can tell the system what cores to use then click on set priority where you can lower the priority of a process if its causing a problem.

  Bris 18:50 17 Dec 2014

Forgot to mention... If you want related info in real time download System Explorer and start it. You should see an icon appear on the task bar (a small black screen) then hover the mouse pointer over it and you should see information relating to CPU frequency, CPU usage, memory usage, swap file usage, and current 3 running processes.

If you click on settings top right you can vary whats shown in the window.

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