CPU usage is way too high.

  Solarrofficial 12:59 26 Jan 2017

Hi, i have a custom gaming PC that i built around a year ago. Specs: i7 4790K GTx 960 16GB RAM 2TB Hard Drive I play a variety of games on my PC ranging for Call of Duty to games such as Runescape. Lately, my PC CPU usage has been way too much. Google chrome by it's self can sometimes be using around 80%. I never used to get this problem. I have 2 monitors and games only seem to lag when i click onto another tab or the other monitor. I have tried a range of solutions such as: Using compressed air inside PC case, Defragment, Anti-virus scan, Anti-Malware scan, uninstall + re-install of java. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks Brad.

  Burn-it 15:22 26 Jan 2017

Try running some antivirus and antimalware and see if you have been infected.

  Solarrofficial 17:51 26 Jan 2017

Tried the antivirus and malware. Cleen, but no solution.

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