CPU usage very high...

  catcha125 20:41 19 Jul 2005

Can anyone tell me why my CPU usage is so high? If I am doing one thing on my pc it slows it down to a crawl with CPU at around 100%. It has just been in to PC World for the annual healthcheck and they could not enlighten me. Please can anyone help me?

  keverne 21:58 19 Jul 2005

Presuming you're using Windows XP right click the taskber and go to Task Manager.
Select Processes and looking at the CPU column scroll down to see which process is hogging your system.

  greenlamp 22:03 19 Jul 2005

same problem,virus scans don't pick up anything but PC activity wouldn't justify this value.
AMD XP1600+

  woodchip 22:18 19 Jul 2005

Are you looking at the correct value in Task Manager? It's not the the bottom number in list the CPU usage is on the bar at the bottom. The big number at bottom of list is CPU free, not used. A lot get mixed up with this. just click on a blank part and watch both figures how they change. On the Bar goes up, and Free goes down

  catcha125 18:21 20 Jul 2005

I have found WRSSSDK.exe is taking up a lot, whatever that is,.

  catcha125 18:23 20 Jul 2005

Also explorer is taking up a lot of CPU too.

  stalion 18:29 20 Jul 2005
  stalion 18:32 20 Jul 2005

what I have posted is to do with spysweeper if you have it installed try turning it off in running processes and see if your cpu is then ok

  Belatucadrus 18:59 20 Jul 2005

More on it click here

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