cpu usage during dvd burn in nero 8

  rickilambert 19:01 15 Feb 2008

hey peeps, just wondering, is it normal for the cpu usage to be at 100% whilst burning a dvd in nero 8, i have a core 2 duo with 2 gb ram and my laptop is almost unusable whilst burning,

any ideas or tips would be much appreciated


  rossgolf 20:38 15 Feb 2008

no this is not normal
i am also running a core2 duo and mine is at around 40%
have you got anti virus etc?

  woodchip 20:44 15 Feb 2008

Yes it will use lots of cpu power

  User-312386 20:59 15 Feb 2008

Tend to disagree with woodchip here, my pagefile usage goes up, but my CPU usage only sits at 5-10% usage.

I have an AMD64x24200 and 2GB ram

  peter99co 21:07 15 Feb 2008

Search for my post in vista re Nero 7 I resolved this by uninstalling and getting update from Nero Website after send email and asking for advice there.

  martd77 22:03 15 Feb 2008

I use nero 8 on a intel dual core system with 2gb ram and the usage on the cpu is somewhere near 15%,it fluctuates but no higher than 20%,make sure your not running any other processor intensive programs in the background

  peter99co 22:29 15 Feb 2008

This could be Nero Scout indexing your files

  lisa02 23:25 15 Feb 2008

Is it encoding the video files and then burning to DVD?

How long does it take from start to finish and which Nero program are you using?

What happens during just a data disk burn?

  rickilambert 08:52 16 Feb 2008

it is encoding, then burning the files lisa, which is what suggests to me that it IS normal? as the encoding is a demanding task on resources

however here is what i am doing

it takes about 2hrs for a 700mb (approx) using nero 8


  LABMAN 10:22 16 Feb 2008

With a core 2 duo procesor usage should run at no more than 70% whilst you are encoding the video and then drop to around 10% - 15% when the burning process starts, two hours seems rather excessive to encode and burn a dvd on such a modern system...

My wifes laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 has a T2050 1.60 GHz processor and 1.5GB of DDR2 667 ram and using Nero 7 can encode and burn a DVD in around 45 minutes.

  lisa02 11:13 16 Feb 2008

I would say it depends on the original video source and opther system set up.

My Quad Core goes at about 70%... encodes and burns typically in 15 mins to 25 mins.

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