Is a CPU usage of 100% a good sign?

  K*B 18:29 16 Sep 2015

Friends, I went to Task Manager in my HP Compac Laptop and saw that its CPU usage goes as high as 100% and drops and so on. Sometimes it remains at 100% usage for so long! Is it a good sign? Does a laptop CPU ever reach 100%? What are the consequences? Thanks in advance.

  spuds 10:34 21 Sep 2015

"I was promised this new one would last about 2 years or so but is already dying 3 months after use."

Not sure where you purchased the new battery, but some batteries are poorly made, and may fail rather prematurely. There is also the case, that charging new batteries, needs to go through a process of charging sequences, before that will reach the ultimate load rate.Not just a case of plugging in, and always expecting a fully charged and fully working capacity battery from the very start.

If its all that new, perhaps a word with the retailer might be in order!.

  scotty 10:52 21 Sep 2015

In Task Manager, to determine which process is causing problems, click on CPU to order processes by CPU use.

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