CPU Usage at 100%!

  Infox 15:28 08 Mar 2006

I found while looking for a running program in Task Manager that the CPU usage was at a steady 100%
There were about 8 little programs running so I ended all those so nothing was running but the CPU remained at 100%.

About a minute or two later my screen froze solid which it has been doing quite a lot recently but I haven't noticed the CPU - perhaps 100% has always been there and indicates the problem. Once it froze on boot up.

Can anyone diagnose this please?
XP Home SP2

  SG Atlantis® 15:30 08 Mar 2006

What was the process that had the 100% usage?

  joel42 16:20 08 Mar 2006

I had a similar problem recently when using Outlook-closed the program and CPU usage went down

  skidzy 16:25 08 Mar 2006

Have you tried running any antispyware programs.
click here
click here
click here

The rest can be found at click here

Spybot search and destroy
Windows Defender beta 2 (Microsoft)

Running these will give your system a good tidy up.

  Infox 15:30 10 Mar 2006


Yes I have Ad-aware and Spybot which I always update and run. Windows Defender Beta 2, no - I shall look into it.

After that scare I seem to be OK.

SG Atlantis - a very good question. As there was nothing running I didn't think to look for any other process using the CPU though there must have been something. I was too concerned about shutting down quickly before it blew up. If it happens again I shall be more inquisative.

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