CPU upgrade part 2

  casper69 13:34 14 Mar 2006

as from my post early this morning about upgrading my amd xp 1700 cpu i have a better idea if i upgrade my motherboard and cpu (athlon x2 dual core 4200) but kept everything else the same my harddrive etc will i need to install a new o/s or can i use the one i have at the moment?(i dont have a disc for the o/s it all came on the pc)

  Mr Beeline 13:46 14 Mar 2006

Quite a regular question this one.

You could "try" and see if it will boot as it is. But almost certainly not. You could then try a Windows repair (see click here) and then installing your mobo drivers.

But to be honest you will still more than likely have problems.

As it sounds like you have bought a decent mobo / CPU, I would suggest picking up a new OEM copy of Windows home XP (only around £60 anyway)and doing a clean install.

I suspect some may disagree with me but this is my opinion of having tried it all ways (so to speak).

Good luck.

  gudgulf 13:47 14 Mar 2006

To upgrade as you suggest will probably need a new power supply too to match the latest specifications.
In addition your old memory will probably be much slower than the pc3200 that the Athlon will work best with.

As for using your old hard drive.....that might work.But Ideally you should use a repair installation or full reinstall of Windows so that references to your old motherboard are not left on your system.That can cause Windows to be unstable or,if your version of Windows is locked to the original motherboard it might not even boot!

Why not post the full spec of the pc you have now.....it will help us advise you.

I have to say that it might be a better option to buy a new base unit rather than upgrade.

Critical to that is the use you want to put the upgraded pc to.....tell us that too.

  Mr Beeline 13:51 14 Mar 2006

Whoops... just noticed you said you have no Windows disk. So looks like your options are a bit limited.

Mind you, if you have everything from windows in a DIR somewhere on your H/D, then you might still be able to try a repair. Frankly I would not waste my time if it was me.

  ACOLYTE 13:55 14 Mar 2006

What OS do you have now? if you just change the mobo and cpu,it may work if your running xp already,i say may work you may also find it wont boot,you would need to uninstall the old mobo drivers and install for the new one,you may also need to re-activate windows after as well.If it was me i would format and do a clean install it's the option with the less likly hood of errors,you would need an OS to reinstall as it sounds like yours was pre loaded so the restore disks if you have,if any may not work,and it may be the OS is on a partition on the hard drive and if you format you may lose this as well.But if your spending money on a new mobo and cpu i would rather have a full version os with cd than a restore cd or partition to refere back to.But be aware if your pc is still under warrenty then doing what your doing may void that.

  casper69 13:59 14 Mar 2006

im going to have
athonx2 dual core 4200
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 - mainboard - ATX - ALi M1695 mobo
going to get 2x 300gb hard drives

im needing this for playing games and internet use at the same time or watching films.

  casper69 14:07 14 Mar 2006

i think the best would be like you all said a whole clean installation, anyone know and good places i can pick up 2x 300gb hard drives, xp professional o/s and the athlonx2 dual core 4000 cpu cheap

  ACOLYTE 14:08 14 Mar 2006

Thats quite a heafty change and quite a lot of new drivers,so i think the best bet is a format and re install with a new copy of xp.

  ed-0 14:17 14 Mar 2006

click here click here click here Then all you need is a decent motherboard, case and memory.

  gudgulf 14:42 14 Mar 2006

Is this the motherboard click here ?

If it is I assume you picked it so you can use your AGP graphics for now.

If so I would love to know how you get on with it........I have short listed one myself as a stepping stone to dual core cpu/PCI-e graphics.

One of those and a new Athlon cpu and I can upgrade without effectively buying a whole new pc......just waiting for the dual core processors to drop in price.

I suspect that's what you were hoping to do.

  casper69 16:02 14 Mar 2006

Cheers all
That is the one and as soon as I have it up and running with the dual core ill post my findings.

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