cpu upgrade

  casper69 21:57 17 Apr 2007

hi all
im going to upgrade my cpu from a amd 3000+ to a dual core 4200+, i have a ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
Motherboard ID 62-120-0000010-00101111-082605-ALI$939M2120_939DUAL-SATA2 BIOS P1.20
which should be able to take it, i know i can just swap over the cpu and fan but once ive done that is there anything else i need to do or will it just run straight away

  X™ 22:00 17 Apr 2007

Just plug it in and swap the fan.

Just out of curiosity(SP?) what are you doing with the old CPU? I'm looking to upgrade another computer.


  casper69 22:06 17 Apr 2007

well once ive got it nothing really if you want it you can pay for the postage and packaging and ill send it off to you

  X™ 22:10 17 Apr 2007

Thank you very much, sir. Could you email me at [email protected]? Thank you very much!

  jam500 07:04 18 Apr 2007

Dont forget to remove the thermal paste and apply some new.

  casper69 07:37 18 Apr 2007

when i installed the cpu in my pc at the mo there was no paste it just had a locking switch to hold the fan and heat sink in place, but its been running ok for about a year now, if this processor comes with out paste should i carry on installing or buy some paste for it?

  keef66 12:26 18 Apr 2007

Crikey! Any idea what the cpu temperature gets up to?

I'd never risk installing a cpu without thermal pad or paste between it and the heatsink.

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  casper69 14:50 18 Apr 2007

Blimey, when I got the cpu in my pc now there was no paste so silly me though I could just strap it to the heats sink and fan, three questions now
1) does pc world sell the paste (as pc world are very unhelpful near me)
2) can I use the same heatsink and fan ive been using on my old cpu
3) will I need to let the paste set for a while (how long) or can I use it right away


  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:19 18 Apr 2007

either coolermaster or akasa. It's about £6 (I bought some for my new install last weekend)
Apply sparingly to the cpu after making sure the mating surfaces are clean, spread it evenly (you normally get a credit card sized applicator) and fix the heatsink.
When you power up, go into the bios to check the temperature.

  MAJ 15:38 18 Apr 2007

The reason you probably have no paste on your existing CPU is because the heatsink usually comes with a thermal pad attached and lines up on the CPU when you install the heatsink. Don't use both thermal pad and thermal paste at the same time.
If you're buying a new CPU, buy the correct heatsink and fan at the same time, the retail pack will contain all three components. Your old fan might not be/probably isn't strong enough to cope with the faster CPU.
If there is no thermal pad on the underside of the heatsink when you buy it (there usually is in the retail pack) then use a very, very thin layer on the CPU, don't have it squidging out over the sides of the CPU, when the heatsink is applied.

  casper69 15:52 18 Apr 2007

cheers guys well ill guess im going to pc world tonight to buy a new heatsink and fan and paste any ideas what heatsink or fans

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