CPU upgrade

  firerescue999 16:44 14 Dec 2005

Hi, I purchased a TIME computer 2 years ago. Time computers told me it was an AMD 3000 proccesor. I have started to learn how computers work and to my horror I have found out I only have a AMD 1700 processor. Thanks for shafting me TIME. I would like to buy a faster proccesor but im concerned that I wont be able to get automatic updates from Microsoft. Would a new proccesor stop auto updates? Thanks

  peterb1947 17:02 14 Dec 2005

its all down to numbers with amd. there is no fault with your processor as an amd 3000 processor only actually runs at 1700. upgrading your processor depends on what your motherboard will support. it does not affect auto updates.

  firerescue999 17:24 14 Dec 2005

Ok thanks for that, the speed is 1350 Mhz. I want a faster CPU. I was concerned with auto updates. Thanks again

  pj123 17:28 14 Dec 2005

Agree entirely with peterb1947. You haven't been shafted by Time. I have a computer with an AMD 2000XP processor but it runs at 1600mhz. The number on the chip has nothing to do with the speed it runs at.

You need to read your motherboard manual to see what CPU socket you have and the maximum speed processor that you can install.

  firerescue999 17:32 14 Dec 2005

Ok my appologies to time. Thanks

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