CPU Upgrade

  mick 47 12:41 24 Jul 2004

Dear Colleagues
My PC has an MS-6368(Version 5) motherboard. The manual states that it has a Socket 370 for Celeron/Tualatin/Pentium 111 processors, and that it supports from 333MHz up to 1.2GHz and above. I am currently running with a P111 1.2GHz processor. In regards to the 'above' bit does this mean I can just put a more powerful processor in, and if so how do I go about knowing which one to look for.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mick Cowan

  jonnytub 13:23 24 Jul 2004

I think your at the limit with regards to your board, after a bit of googling on you board and processor i found a 1.4ghz pentium 3 socket 370 processor that would fit, i can post the link if you want but i think you board would simply spit it back out or cap the speed to what your running at now, i may be wrong. Forum members ????

  Q-Bie 14:29 24 Jul 2004

When it says " or above..." it usually means that when the board/manual were produced the highest stated was the fastest CPU currently available, and providing the CPU makers don't change front side bus or socket size, faster ones should work too.

I'm forever having people come upto me saying "Ah, well my motherboard manual says Athlon/Duron 1.1 or higher, so can I buy this AthlonXP 2000+ please?"

Gonna go have a look on MSI's site, they usually put processor compatability charts for their boards online.

  Q-Bie 14:31 24 Jul 2004

looks like 1.2 is all you're gonna get..

click here

click here

  flyingpeterpan 14:40 24 Jul 2004

You have to upgrade your MOBO's bios before you can put in a faster CPU, check MSI site, also make sure you know what you are doing,otherwise you will render your MOBO useless if you went for the wrong BIOS.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:03 24 Jul 2004

A change in processor will make little difference. You would do better to cram in as much RAM as your board can take.


  mick 47 21:07 24 Jul 2004

Dear Colleagues

Many thanks for your prompt replies on this subject.

Mick Cowan

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