CPU is unworkable?!

  orangewhiteblue 09:13 22 Sep 2008

My PC (AMD Athlon XP2600, ABIT NF7-s, 1gbMem, 120GB HD, XP Pro) recently started developing an alarm tone. It appears that the chipset fan had given up the ghost. Eventually the PC started to give the following message on start up.

'CPU is unworkable or has been changed please check CPU soft menu'

I have checked the CPU soft menu and nothing seems to have changed.

Is it likely that there has been damage caused to the CPU by over heating?

If I press F1 computer continues lo load up and function but feels slow. (But not sure if that is because I've just built a new system!

  GaT7 16:39 22 Sep 2008

Go into the BIOS & check that the CPU FSB is at 166Mhz - change to this if it isn't, save & exit the BIOS.

If no joy with above, try clearing the CMOS via the jumper method or remove the CMOS battery for a while & replace - shut down PC & disconnect power cord before doing this.

If you're not sure about the jumper method, the manual should tell you how click here. IMP: Replace jumper to original position before powering on again. G

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