cpu is unworkable...

  Joey :~( 17:24 17 Nov 2005

Hi, i was hoping someone out there could help me with my problem, i've been researching stuff for ages on the net but can't seem to solve it. Basically i get the message "cpu is unworkable or has been changed - recheck soft menu" when booting up.

I had a look around and saw that it could be the cmos battery, so i changed that but still got the message. Then i tried changing the jumper pins and moving it back to reset the cmos, it then gave me "defaults loaded" but after that boot it went back to the original message. Then i read all this stuff about the bios and flashing it, gave that a go but no change there either.

My computer was fine a few months ago but still displaying the "unworkable" message. I had a load of junk on my computer and figured i'd wipe the hard drive and start anew. Since then the message still comes up but it freezes in windows all the time, with no particular pattern of when or why. Also the speed of stated in the bios menu is 433mhz when it should be 700mhz. If i change it it just goes back to the defaults on the next boot.

So there you have it, i'd really appreciate some help, im kind of thinking that i'll have to get a new motherboard and cpu but if there's anything i can do to sort this then that would be brilliant.


  Skyver 17:29 17 Nov 2005

What CPU/motherboard/memory do you have?

  phono 17:31 17 Nov 2005

What is the make and model of your motherboard, have you set up the BIOS CPU multiplier and FSB manually or are their BIOS settings set automatically?

  Joey :~( 17:33 17 Nov 2005

Cheers for a response, wasn't expecting one that quick.

My Cpu is a pentium 3 and im using an Abit VA6 motherboard. I've a 20GB hard drive and 128RAM. Is that enough info? If i've missed something just let me know.

  Joey :~( 17:36 17 Nov 2005

Phono, got no idea what a BIOS CPU multiplier and FSB is, but the settings in the BIOS (which is the blue screen bit right?) are set by defaults. It lets me change the settings but reverts back to the defaults the next time i boot.

  Skyver 17:52 17 Nov 2005

Are you sure you don't mean 450mhz when it resets itself? Go into CPU Softmenu in BIOS and take a look at Speed, clock and multiplier, the first three items. What are they?

  Joey :~( 18:03 17 Nov 2005

In the BIOS under CPU speed i've got 233 (66) and that's it, the clock and multiplier options only come up when i go to user define.

On a normal start up where it says the bios version, cpu name and speed and checks IDE's etc.. it says PENTIUM 3 466Mhz (66 x 7)

  Skyver 18:09 17 Nov 2005

OK, your old speed of 700mhz was down to clock at 100 and multiplier at 7 - set it to user define and 7x100.
Have you recently changed any memory, or checked your memory is all working OK? Test it with this click here

  Joey :~( 18:16 17 Nov 2005

I've tried that but it doesn't seem to save the settings. I exit and save but it just goes back to the defaults. I'll check the memory though.

  Skyver 18:21 17 Nov 2005

Odd, was the the CMOS battery replaced with a brand new one? It needs to hold around 3v

  phono 18:29 17 Nov 2005

Is your CMOS chip of the socketed variety? If it is, with the computer switched off and yourself properly grounded, press firmly on the chip to make sure it is fully home in the socket.

After that, as suggested by Skyver, recheck the CMOS battery, the new one may well have been sitting on a shelf for a long time.

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