cpu ugrade help!

  thesoulreaper 21:26 26 Feb 2010

i have an asus crosshair republic of gamers nforce 590 sli motherboard with the am2 cpu socket and i want to get a quadcore for it and i was lookin at the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2 GHz but its an am3 socket. but ive heard it will go with an bios upgrade. can any one out there tell me if its true or PLEASE surgest a really good quadcore that would

  SirMetal 22:03 26 Feb 2010

Have you checked that your PSU can handle a Quad core? Sorry it's unrelated but worth checking.

  User-312386 22:10 26 Feb 2010

You dont say what cpu you have at the moment? Also what do you use the computer for?

  RobCharles1981 22:31 26 Feb 2010

With that Motherboard I once had, the only maximum Quad Core it can support is the 9950 my argument is its not worth it, save your dosh and upgrade to AM3 or I5.

  thesoulreaper 23:21 26 Feb 2010

ive had the motherboard given along with 2 evga gforce 8800gts 640mb ko vesion gpus and thats all ive got at the moment. Ive got to get everthing else together

  User-312386 23:28 26 Feb 2010

Get yourself a nice dual core AM2, a brande 650 watt power supply and 4GB of memory and it will fly with those 2 cards

  GaT7 00:30 27 Feb 2010

As RobTheOrganGuru says, the Asus Crosshair click here supports a max of a Phenom X4 9950. BIOS version 1207 is required for this & many of the newer dual-cores. All the info/downloads are available in the link I posted.

As madboy33©® suggests, get a fairly good dual-core + branded PSU with 2x dedicated 6-pin PCI-E connectors & you'll have a fairly powerful gaming system - that's if gaming is what you want to do with them.

My suggestions would be something like a X2 7750 AM2+ (check on eBay perhaps) & a Be Quiet 530W PSU click here. If you're not an eBay member, then you'll have to make do with one of the older gen AM2 CPUs click here. And don't forget DDR2 system RAM.

I wouldn't go for a AM3 / i5 upgrade as you'll need to buy a CPU + motherboard + DDR3 RAM + PSU(?), which can work out to be quite expensive. G

  thesoulreaper 01:17 27 Feb 2010

i want it for gaming mainly and thought that a quad would be better? Coz once ive built it would like it to be sorta "future proof" if you know wot i mean. As soon as get main componets i can concentrat on moddin the tower. Any surgestion on a cool full tower 2?

  User-312386 15:29 27 Feb 2010

To be honest mate a dual core will do the job, its the GPU's that will be doing the job and the ram when gameing!

With regards to cases the Antec 1200 rocks click here

  GaT7 15:46 27 Feb 2010

madboy33©® is right. But if your heart is set on a quad-core & you're an eBay member, you could pick up a good secondhand quad-core for the price of a new dual-core. Make sure to get one that's in the m'board's CPU Support List click here.

The Antec 1200 is good indeed, but make sure you have the room for it, as it's quite huge - dimensions at Antec click here.

My suggestion would be for a mid-sized case like a Xigmatek Midgard click here - great value too. If you're into brushed aluminium, then give something like a Lian Li PC-P50B click here some consideration.

You didn't say anything about system RAM, so did this come with the motherboard as well? G

  thesoulreaper 17:11 27 Feb 2010

all ive got at the min is the motherboard and gpus only so ive gota gt a cpu,ram etc
Truth be told it will be my first gaming pc and really want to and £ permittin make a awsome rig. Im hopin to run it on a 50" led tv

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