cpu too hot?

  ened 17:48 19 May 2004

I have an Athlon 2500 running at 1830Mhz.
For no apparent reason the machine shut down and re-booted.
I checked the Health Status in the BIOS and the CPU temp was recorded as 55 degrees.
Does anyone know if this is too warm.

  AndySD 18:25 19 May 2004

55 is ok..... 70 is getting hot and 90 is when it is too hot.

  ened 18:47 19 May 2004

Thanks for that AndySD.
Does anybody else have an opinion on this?
If it wasn't overheating what else could cause the computer to suddenly reboot and afterwards inform me that: "Windows has recovered from a serious error......."?
I was only running IE & Outlook Express on a Broadband connection.

There are two similar messages in windows XP. i.e

"Windows has recovered from a serious ERROR", this is a known fault that was corrected in Service Pack 1. I assume you have this update installed.
if it says
"Windows has recovered from a serious PROBLEM", this usually means you have an unsigned or corrupted driver somewhere, which you can find by looking for the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.

I would also update and run a virus checker.

  Valvegrid 19:15 19 May 2004
  ened 19:18 19 May 2004

I honestly can't remember which message it was


There are no problems in Device Manager,I am completely upto date with patches and AVG updated automatically only a couple of days ago.

It has run okay since so it is a bit of a mystery, however something must have caused it as I have run XPpro for 3 years now and never before has this happened.

What is the critical temperature for the processor?

  dfghjkl 19:23 19 May 2004

90 is tops but i have my 2500+ set at 75 to shut down.mine runs at 45 to 51 depending on use.

  ened 19:31 19 May 2004

So 55 is well within parameters then.
What do you mean by i have my 2500+ set at 75 to shut down.
Can you set that in the BIOS?

  dfghjkl 22:56 19 May 2004

yes,but you dont realy want it to rise too much over 55.i have a setting in bios to shut down at a certain temp,it is a common thing,so you should have a look,you can change it to lower or higher temps.

  second best 23:23 19 May 2004

i had an amd 1.1 running at 60+ for over two years. i have threads in this forum going back to 2001 for this very problem, however, it wasnt until 2years later that i realised the temp was so high. the comp was always locking up, crashing, anyhting that can be associated with things going wrong, seemed to be pointing toward the temp. but. to this day, i still cant be sure. i have upgraded to an amd 3200xp (2.2 barton) when i first got this i thought it would sort out all my provlems, however, the temp was still 60 (under load). just to be sure, i have the side panel off and a 9 inch desktop fan pointing right into the heart of the machine. temp is around 42 at the moment. my point is, i think, that, i still have problems from time to time, and i can't for the life of me figure out what they are. but i do realise, that the more i 'play' around with the machine, trying to get the best out of it, or clear it up and keep it running smooth, the more problems i seem to have. but i will add, that i have learned a little over the last couple of years, and drivers seem to be the most obvious culprit. it's almost a science installing drivers, and removing the old one's. er... anyway, good luck, hope you get it sorted quicker than i did. just to add, i don't think your temp is the problem.

  ened 06:23 20 May 2004

Thanks everybody.

I have not had a recurrence of the problem so will sign this one off.

I think I will contact AMD because it would be nice to know what they consider to be the optimum operating temp.

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