cpu temps,is 74 degrees too hot?

  dfghjkl 22:21 22 Sep 2003

system temp 39 degrees,are these too hot?amd 1400(1050mhz)mx440 graphics win xp,several hours moderate usage,always seems around this temp,no problems as such but friend says it is too hot.what do you think?i value your advice more than friend,thanks

  Djohn 22:29 22 Sep 2003

If they are readings from your BIOS, then yes, they are too high. My sys. temp. is 26c and CPU 46c

AMD 1800XP+. Only a PSU and CPU fan, plus one exhaust fan at rear of case. j.

  dfghjkl 22:39 22 Sep 2003

thanks Djohn my fan is a thermaltake mini super orb it is about a 3 inches tall heatsink with 2 fans,one being at the top.it is very noisy top fan 34d,lower fan 28d i am going to change my heatsink \fan next week because of the noise,but i shall have to take heat into consideration.and yes these are bios readings,is there any other way to check temp?thanks

  SDJ 22:42 22 Sep 2003

I had an orb and yes it was noisy but nothing has ever kept my cpu so cool.
Have you used thermal paste?

Are you keeping it in a cupboard or next to a radiator?

  woodchip 22:44 22 Sep 2003

You have the most reliable readings from bios

  Djohn 23:00 22 Sep 2003

There are software programs that will give you a readout, but a BIOS reading is more accurate as it will read from directly under the CPU.

Not sure why your temp. is so high, there can have many causes. When you fit the new Heatsink/Fan, clean any old paste or residue of the thermal pad from the CPU.

The new sink may have a thermal pad on the base, if so, remove the protective strip before fitting and be sure to fit heatsink the correct way round.

If there is not a thermal pad and you use paste, then use very little just enough to cover the base of the sink that will touch the CPU, and only a thickness of about 80gm paper. Make sure it is spread evenly and there are no air bubbles in the paste. Use a flat piece of plastic to apply.

While in the case have a look round the front of PSU and if blocked with fluff, give a clean with a soft [1" paint] brush. This may help to improve the air flow from your case, also gently move cables to one side so that they are not blocking any air to the mother board or CPU. Can't think of anything else at the mo. but if you need any more info. please ask. Regards. j.

  dfghjkl 23:06 22 Sep 2003

i guess it has paste on it i have not had it off, i have it in a pc unit on wheels nowhere near any heating or direct sunlight etc,it could be clogged up i guess and not running efficiantly,i belive carpets dont help and i am a smoker,it is in the same room as tv and the family are moaning about noise so i think i will change it anyway,do you get paste with a heatsink\fan unit or will i have to buy a tube?thanks for your help

  Djohn 23:11 22 Sep 2003

Paste will need to be bought separate, but check the sink first, it may have a pad on it. My system is also in the lounge and is whisper quiet, even with the extra fan. I will see if I can find a link to the make of my CPU fan, and post it on this thread for you. j.

  Djohn 23:19 22 Sep 2003

click here Halfway down the page. Global win TAK-68 super silent twin-fan, it really is quiet, and good at cooling. although it's a twin fan, they run at low revs and make less noise than some single one's. j.

  SDJ 23:31 22 Sep 2003

I have a TAK58 cooler I dont use, I was going to sell it on ebay but for some reason was having trouble selling it, its yours if you give me your address.

How does that sound?

If you email me back I have a photo of it if you need to see it. I had it on my machine for a month before going for a flower cooler.
You will need some thermal paste though.
Its still in its original box.
Let me know.

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