CPU temperatures in a mini-tower...

  [DELETED] 10:36 05 Aug 2003

My friend just built his first pc, a Duron 1.3ghz and an Asrock motherboard with onboard graphics/sound and modem, 4 USB ports, 2 PCI slots, 50Gig hard drive (10+40), floppy and DVD-Rom. Very basic really for his first attempt.

The fan cost around £8 and is quiet big compared to the CPU socket. Anyway, when I went into his bios to have a look that everything was ok, I noticed his CPU temp was at 65 degrees and the motherboard was at 50. The 256 dimm had a heat spreader on it already and was quite warm.

Obviously mini towers wont let the same ammount of air in as a full tower, but is this sort of temp range ok. I had the pc running for about 5 hours with no side effects and no increase in the 65 CPU temp.


  [DELETED] 11:13 05 Aug 2003

I was told in this forum that the AMD chips can run as hot as that quite happily. But (IMHO) I would rather have my chips a bit cooler. It does seem a bit high for a Duron. It shouldn't matter a great deal how big the tower is, but how good the supply of cool air is. If the case has space for a couple of fans (one exhaust at the back high up and one bringing air in at the front low down) should drop the temp a bit take the stress of the chips a little and only cost a tenner.

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