CPU Temperatures

  johndrew 15:57 04 Jan 2006

I was reading through various posting when I found a number querying CPU temperatures which made me think about mine.

I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ which, according to Everest, idles at about 46*C with a fan speed of about 4100 RPM. When I`m rendering video I have seen this go to about 58*C with a fan speed over 5200 RPM.

The Motherboard never seems to go above 36*C and the hds 41*C. The chipset fan seems to run almost constantly at about 8900 RPM. I have no indication of case or GPU fan speeds.

Would this be normal and acceptable? I ask because of problems rendering video with Pinnacle and wodered if the true difficulties were with temperature protection cutting in.

  BurrWalnut 16:00 04 Jan 2006

Seems OK to me, i.e. not excessively high.

  johndrew 12:16 06 Jan 2006

Thanks for your input.

The AMD information is very interesting and makes me wonder about the value of the figures provided by the software. It does indicate a level of salesmanship in some ways.... Your PC is hot buy cooling devices!! On the other hand temperatures could be approaching critical and you may never know.

But I`m not sure my cynicism is well founded.

Thanks again.

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