cpu temperature too high

  mightymaggot111 18:55 23 Jul 2006

hi my cpu temperature gets really hot sometimes over 100c everything freezes and have to keep restarting, how easy and safe is it to open the case and check inside. running windows xp

  woodchip 19:02 23 Jul 2006

Normay just two screws at the left back of the case and you can take the side off. It sounds like the CPU FAN needs replacing

  woodchip 19:02 23 Jul 2006


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 23 Jul 2006

i my cpu temperature gets really hot sometimes over 100c

if over a hundred would fry cpu but certainly freezing pc is down to heat.
What is the fan speed? SIW click here will show fan speeds and temps compare with what you think you have now.

TAke side off PC and direct a desktop fan to blow inside the PC.
(do not touch anything inside the PC while swutched on and cover off)

  Devil Fish 19:05 23 Jul 2006

opening the case is not to difficult check the fans
CPU and case fans if they are a bit clogged with dust
grab a can of air duster and give them a good spray to clear them out

  mightymaggot111 19:07 23 Jul 2006

will give it a try,thanks

  mightymaggot111 15:42 27 Jul 2006

temperature now 92 and fan speed is 3609

  Koochy 16:19 27 Jul 2006


  Belatucadrus 16:20 27 Jul 2006

Something's odd, with a working CPU fan the temperature shouldn't reach 92 degrees C. Unless the heat exchanger is absolutely bunged up with fluff.
It's time to open the case and get hands on, Devil Fish's air duster idea is good, but do clean all the displaced dust out of the case before you put the lid back, or it'll all end up back where it started.

  piddletrenthide 16:27 27 Jul 2006

92 is still too hot(unless you are in fahrenheit). I found the source of my cpu overheat problem was dust/fluff clogging the heatsink between the cpu and its fan. My heatsink has closely spaced vertical fins that can only be accessed by removing the fan(4 screws and lift off). After this you can shift any dust/fluff with something similar to a cocktail stick and then vacuum up/blow clear. Replace the fan in position and then all should be well. This dropped my cpu temp by 20 degrees.

  mightymaggot111 12:28 29 Oct 2006

hi, sorry it took so long to get back, anyway computer is still too high in temp,tried to get case off but not possible, undone the screws all of them, cause i didnt know which ones and still cannot get case off, any thoughts

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