CPU temperature too High!

  xphile 09:52 16 Apr 2005

My CPU temp is a whopping 100 degs. I know this is way too high. Have an MSI mobo that monitors temp & fan speed. Fan speed is 2500 rpm on average which seems to be ok. how can I cool cpu? This has only been the case in last 24 hours - was running on average about 37 - 42 degs before. Should I switch off immediatley? (well, after some kind soul replies to this!)

  Joe R 09:57 16 Apr 2005


It sounds like you are needing a new fan and heatsink.

Also remember to use a half decent thermal paste.

  xphile 10:02 16 Apr 2005

Anyone recommend good fan & heatsink - not bothered about noise or price - want top quality.

  Joe R 10:04 16 Apr 2005


what cpu are you using.

  rubella 10:13 16 Apr 2005

Whilst the fan might have failed it is not reasonable to suppose the heatsink has suddenly failed, it is after all a static chunk of metal that was working before.

Do you have an excessively high CPU load? Is it possible you have a faulty or missing driver?

  961 10:35 16 Apr 2005

How did you come upon this info?

Has the machine started to malfunction, or has the noise it makes changed?

From where is this info coming? BIOS report? SSoft Sandra? Windows system report? Do they all say the same

If temp is 100 then fan would normally be running much faster than 2500

Is this machine under warranty? What make, or self build. Do you open the case your self?

If so, open the case and switch on. Is the fan running. Is it clogged with dust. If not working then replace fan with new similar

Basic advice is to enter BIOS (press del on boot up) and check settings and temp reports. Let us know what you find. If processor/heatsink has not been disturbed then it should not be neccesary to remove or replace them

  xphile 11:00 16 Apr 2005

BIOS reports 42 degs centigrade / 107 degs fahrenheit. My mobo is MSI 865PE Neo2.Has a mobo/cpu monitor called core centre which seems to only report in fahrenheit. Can I take it the 42 degs centigrade is an acceptable level? Regarding the fan speed - not clogged up & have on highest speed setting - still only reported to to be 2600ish rpm. Should I invest in a faster cpu fan? or judging by temp of cpu - is it doing ok?

  Belatucadrus 11:01 16 Apr 2005

You say that 100 degrees is too high and if you're talking centigrade it is, but it's so high I'd have expected the CPU to be cooked. If it's 100 degrees fahrenheit then that is approx 38 degrees centigrade which is pretty good, and matches previous results.

  xphile 11:06 16 Apr 2005

Yes it's 100 fahrenheit - so no probs then. The reason I panicked is that I am sure the temp monitor has always previously been about 37 - 43 degrees, which I assumed was ok. It seems to have switched to monitoring in Fahrenheit rather tham Centigrade - Don't know why??? I didn't touch nuffink - Honest!!!
Thanks all anyway.

  rubella 11:08 16 Apr 2005


42c is somewhere near the middle of an ideal range. It’s happy.

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