CPU temperature too high

  Mutant_Llama 23:53 07 Oct 2004

I purchased an XP1900 (1600 processor) and have recently replaced the CPU with an XP2400. I fitted and all ok, PC boots first time every time but I noticed one day that when playing planetside I was kicked back to desktop every 30 seconds, and no rebooting would help...

I checked the CPU temp to find it running at 64.5o and wondered if this was an acceptable level? It is playing PS fine now at the same temperature but I was worried the CPU is too hot?

  Noelg23 00:13 08 Oct 2004

not really...some peoples temp can go as high into the 70s or 80s...i have an AMD AthlonXP 2500 (1.83GHz) but its overclocked to an AthlonXP 3200 (2.2GHz) and the temp never goes above 46 degrees C. and I am using the same heatsink and fan that came with the CPU. so you can get a new heatsink and fan...but also I think the thermal paste may have something to do with it...maybe there isnt enough for the CPU...

  The Spires 08:49 08 Oct 2004

There is some info on thermal paste click here it's a bit Ott but the the principles apply whatever you use.

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