cpu temperature (Again)

  walk2 21:33 31 Jan 2007

I have a pentium D 925+ 3.0ghz cpu
asus p5p800 se
520 watt psu
1 gb pc2700 ddr (2x512)
2x 200gb sata drives
256 nvidia video card.
case with six fans.
And I'm gonna install a sound card with a 10/10 I/O outboard.

Applied thermal paste between cpu and heatsink.
Booted PC, went to bios where it reported it was running at 38c. But this temperature keeps rising. And after about 15 minutes it was up to around 50c.

Have I applied to much paste or could the problem be something else.

anyone with any advice please.

  walk2 21:37 31 Jan 2007

forgot to mention. this is when pc is idle.

  woodchip 21:38 31 Jan 2007

50c is OK as long as it's not going to start climbing to the 60's. Cas fans will not do much for the CPU. And never found the need for them. If you want to bring the CPU temp down then you concentrate on a CPU cooler first.
Start by having a Read in click here

  Killo Bite 21:39 31 Jan 2007

correctly Flat and not a little of horizontal flat. I would start to worry if it goes above say 60c mark, could be a poor quality HSF or maybe one that is not matched for your CPU unless you got it as a retail CPU.

Also take it you have plugged in the fan to the Mboard header.

  walk2 21:56 31 Jan 2007

got the hsf with cpu and fan is plugged in. i think it seated right. lined it up and pushed all 4 pins down till they clicked into place.

do you mean it would be ok up to 60c mark when idle or when running software. (i'm new to this building game so count to 10 before answering)

i intend to use this machine for audio recording and mixing. so i want to push it to near its limits.

what is the max temp i should be looking at when pushing the cpu to the limit.

and woodchip. what cpu cooler would you recommend
(running low on cash at the min) but if need be could work some overtime to pay for it.

  woodchip 22:09 31 Jan 2007

Have a look on the site for recommendations. Do not just go for the first you see. or cheapest one.

Have a look at this, but it needs a Fan click here

  walk2 22:39 31 Jan 2007

OK. After reading the reviews i think i'll go for the
"Titan Amanda TTC-NP04TZ TEC & Heatpipe Cooling Fan (Socket 775)"

I'll just have to get my arse out of bed on sunday morning and go to work to pay it.


  keef66 12:13 01 Feb 2007

what version is your Mobo bios? According to the Asus site the mobo requires bios version 0803 or higher to support your cpu. It's conceivable that this could affect cpu running temp, or more likely the accuracy of the temp reporting in bios.

If you're using the heatsink / fan supplied with the retail CPU, I can't see any way of mis-aligning the thing, and if all 4 feet are locked in place it looks idiot proof. It should be cooling it better than your temps indicate.

I hesitate to ask this, for fear of causing offence, but you have taken the plastic lid off the cpu socket lid thing, haven't you? Called PnP cap according to your manual

  walk2 18:19 01 Feb 2007

Yes. I've taken the cap off.(no offence taken) I'll have to go and check what version the bios is. just in from work so i'll do this later.

  Ray5776 18:41 01 Feb 2007

Download free Motherboard monitor, type in Google, MBM5, sorry no link but easy to find, this should give you accurate CPU & case temperatures.

  Ray5776 18:47 01 Feb 2007

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