Cpu Temperature

  Peter-280248 23:13 20 Dec 2004

I have an Athlon 2400 XP which is running at 55C is this OK? The fan/heat sink was supplied with the CPU retail. If temp too high what is the best solution?

  woodchip 23:31 20 Dec 2004

Just a wee bit hot but 50 or under should be OK

  greenlamp 23:32 20 Dec 2004

this appears fairly typical for an athlon xp cpu

  Peter-280248 10:51 22 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone for your comments. The temperature seems to have stabilised at about45C now.

  ThePharcyde007 13:16 22 Dec 2004

well within tollerance mate. If you are concened, maybe invest in a couple of case fans one inlet and 2 outlets

  mrdsgs 16:08 22 Dec 2004

its within safe limits but at this time of year less than 40C is normal

my xp2400 systems have cpu temps of 36C at the moment.

look at case fans/airflow/location of case: near radiator?

basically you want to suck cold air in at the front bottom and expel it from top rear.

make sure cpu and case fans are not clogged with dust.


  Sans le Sou 16:36 22 Dec 2004

Depends on the workload, let it idle and see what the temp does.

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