CPU Temperature

  Dave25 20:27 14 Mar 2004

Can anyone tell what temperature an Athlon 1600xp should run at is 65deg to high as my system keeps shutting down. This problem has only arisen after fitting a ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard.
The CPU shut down in the BIOS is 95degs. Have I missed something in the BIOS setting.


  Indigo 1 20:44 14 Mar 2004

65 does seem a little high for a 1600 but should not cause the problems you are experiencing.

  whybe 20:53 14 Mar 2004

My Athlon 2800 is running at 56degrees cutout at 72 degrees. I know that we are not comparing like with like but as you have replaced your MB you haven't inadvertantly overclocked your CPU? Have you checked the multiplier (if applicable) and your FSB settings?

  Indigo 1 21:58 14 Mar 2004

I would first make sure that the PSU is up to the job, if you cannot supply enough power for the new mobo then it will suffer "brown-outs".

  thedarkside 23:47 14 Mar 2004

I agree with Indigo 1. This would seem to be a classic case of PSU not doing its job. I feel that an Athlon should have at least 300w. It also depends on how many other components are fighting for power. A 400w e-buyer PSU - all ten quids worth, is well up to the job.

Also consider a decent CPU fan, as those plastic things for a fiver are no good for Athlons, which do run hot. Something by Thermaltake or Coolermaster should suffice. One of these will drop CPU temp considerably.

  helmetshine 09:51 15 Mar 2004

Could it be the M/B chipset overheating and not the CPU...have you checked the temp of that

  georgemac 10:10 15 Mar 2004

I have found with asus that the temps are not always accurate - assume you are using asus probe?

I have an xp2000 and where the pc is loacted it always runs hot - my gigabyte motherboard and motherboard monitor reported the cpu temp as around 65 degC under full load and it ran no problem until the m/b failed.

I replaced this m/b with an asus (far superior boards IMHO) but the cpu temp is now reported as 53 degC under full load with asus probe.

Everything is exactly the same so it is not possible that the temp has dropped 12 degC simply because I fitted a new m/b.

I have read that the asus temp probes are shorter?

Anyway, try running your pc with the case sides removed and see if that brings down the cpu temp, and if the case is in a unit where there is poor circulation, remove it to an open area.

You should also make sure (sorry if this offends) that the heatsink has been fitted correctly to the cpu, there is a step on the heatsink for the raised part of the cpu holder. Did you clean off the old thermal paste and use new paste when you refitted the cpu?

Also consider downloading motherboard monitor (do a search on google) and compare the temps with asus probe.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:12 15 Mar 2004

My 1800 xp runs at 93 when fully working and about 89/90 when just idleing so after reading this i guess mines runnnin way to hot?


  Ether 11:39 15 Mar 2004

I have an ASUS A7V333. This came with a utility programme called Probe. If you have this installed check the settings for the CPU temperature, the upper temperature may be set too low causing a cut out.

  georgemac 12:14 15 Mar 2004

definitely - amd max is either 90 degC or 95 degC depending on the cpu spec, personally I would be worried if I was running above 70 degC at full load, and with the asus boards I would be worried if it were above 60 degC

my pc which has the cpu running at 53 degC - the top of the case is quite hot to touch and I have ample cooling!

  JerryJay 12:26 15 Mar 2004

First, get correct reading of CPU. You can do this use progrm such as motherboard monitor or speedfan (google for it).

Most AMD CPU can work well even the temp is around 80C, but the high temp will make the life shorter. It is better to get the temp down under 60C even better under 50C.

I have a small case PC with XP2400+, the temp never go over 48C even the cooling with small case is difficult.

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