sopwith 10:19 04 Sep 2004

had system serviced about week ago
amd 2.8xp msi motherboard 5600xt graphics all latest drivers.
since return system is runing hot aprox 60degrees
infact had auto shut down due to abnormal temp
bios set @ 70 degrees.
never had this problem before .
what is average temp for the system and what could the cause be for the overheat

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 04 Sep 2004

click here for AMD temps voltages and settings.

Chip will die (fry) above 85 degrees.


1. Failed Fan on processor won't last 2 minutes

2. Noheat transfer compound between chip and fan

3. Failed case fan

4. Case fan connected wrongly

5. Blocked air vents

6. High ambient temperate (it is summer afterall)

  961 13:26 04 Sep 2004

Check case fans...

Can you feel warm air coming out of PSU unit at top rear of case

Can you feel warm air coming out of case fan at rear of machine

Is there a fan at the front of the case? If so can you feel air being dragged into the case

If the answer to one of the above is no, then a fan is incorrectly connected or has failed.

If the answer to all the above is yes, then move on to the graphics card. Does this have a fan and is it spinning ok

The check list from Fruit Bat is worth following

AMD processors run hot. 60 deg.C is not out of the way. If you are running a processor intensive programme then the temperature may rise, and where the max temp specified by AMD is anything up to 85-90 deg, then the 70 shut down specified in the BIOS may be a little low. Try raising it to 75

I wonder if your graphics card is new and if it is of a type that has a heat sink instead of a fan. This would cause the system to run hotter than before

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