CPU Temp (never change!)

  duplo 14:54 22 Jan 2003
  duplo 14:54 22 Jan 2003

According to s/w that came with my mobo my cpu temp is 51deg. This strikes me as OK, I run an Athlon 2200XP.

However in the Bios when I select "Health status" it does not give me any readings on temp/fan speed etc. All I get it an option to enable or disable the emergency shut down if CPU is to hot.

Today I have been running my Processor at 100% for the last 1hr 45mins, and according to the diagnostic s/w my processor is still 51.

I have clocked it down to a 1500 to see if the temp changes, and it still runs at 51. Also, the Fan speeds never ever change according to the s/w!

Am I wrong in thinking that a CPU temp should change under such conditions? And I would have thought I would be able to see the health status in the Bios?

Am I wrong? Is there somthing amiss?

(Leadtek Nforce mobo,XP2200,512DDR Ram)

  duplo 18:33 22 Jan 2003


  Gemma 18:43 22 Jan 2003

Shut down the PC and leave it to cool down for a couple of hours then switch on and run the probe immediately. If it doesn't say lower than your 51 then, as we professionals say, somethings buggered.

Then post again.

  woodchip 18:43 22 Jan 2003

I set mine to shut down at 70c but I have a 1600xp running on a ECS K76A board temps CPU about 37c to 42c system about 27c to 29c I have run this CPU at 1900xp with no probs no extra fans temps change go up by about 3c this is in cmos

  duplo 18:51 22 Jan 2003

I shut restarted my PC to take a look in the Bios... I remmember when I first got the PC i set the options to warn me when the PC hit 60c. The options are not londer available, they where where it displayd the temps and fan speed.

Nothing is there anymore, not even grayed out, just nothing in PC health status other than to option to enable/disable the auto shut down if fan fails.

I am sure it weas there a few months back.

Should I reset the bios using a Jumper. The machine is only a few months old.

Also I wonder if it sometimes hits 60c as it beeps at me at random times, although it has never done it under load.

Its a built machine from Multivison.

  duplo 16:46 23 Jan 2003


  Rayuk 17:28 23 Jan 2003

Try installing something like Motherboard Monitor from
click here
see if this reports correct temps.
Turn off or uninstal any other temp monitor you have first.

  SDJ 17:40 23 Jan 2003

Unfortunatley I cant answer this but I think we need to address the issue that your BIOS health settings are greyed out beofre going and further.

As Rayuk has said a temp utility would do the job in the short term although my experience with MBM is that it recorded temps at around 10c higher than my BIOS (Which is what you should always go by)

Like I said we need to resolve the issue of no readings in the BIOS first.

  duplo 19:39 23 Jan 2003

I rang up Multivision and they told me that my Mobo may not have this feature... which is I would emeagin rubbish. Why would a Mobo not have this feature and it is in the Manual.

I shall be calling them again tomorrow and give them grief.

In the meantime.. is resetting my bios manually a good idea?

  duplo 19:52 23 Jan 2003

I downloaded Motherboard Mon, installed etc.

All readins reed 0 apart from Processor speed.

I would emagine the sensor has died? Am I right? What should I do?

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