cpu temp to high

  fire 21:41 20 Oct 2003

i have an xp 2000 chip and changed the fan last week from the normal amd fan it came with to a larger one and heatsink. the thing is i used the paste the fan came with and according to the bios im getting 78-83 deg on cpu. could it be that thepaste is not making a good contact or is the temp in the bios reliable for reading.......

  LastChip 22:08 20 Oct 2003

It's not over the limit, but close to, assuming your measuring in degrees C.

I think for your CPU, the heatsink should be "Copper Backed"; is it?

You need to make sure you have fitted it around the right way as well. Although it's difficult not to, it is possible, and will result in a very poor contact with the core of the CPU. It can also result in chip damage to the core. The step on the heatsink, must fit over the raised end of the CPU socket. Quality thermal paste is a must, and the quality varies from supplier to supplier.

Providing you have a reasonable motherboard, the BIOS temperatures are close enough to be acceptable.

I am writing this reply on an XP 1900, and to give you some idea to go by, the current temperature is 46 C or 114 F, which ever you prefer!

  hugh-265156 22:08 20 Oct 2003

was the temps ok before you changed the fan/heatsink?

you may have use too much or to little paste or not clipped the heatsink on correctly,its easy done.

instructions for application of thermal gloop click here

  fire 22:48 20 Oct 2003

everything was fine until i replaced the heatsink and fan but i think its the right way round and i have just bought some copper paste .....so hopefully it will bring the temp down

  hugh-265156 23:07 20 Oct 2003

be sure to remove the old paste from the cpu and HS with some isopropyl alcohol(from a chemist) and a cotton bud before appling any new stuff.

remove the motherboard from the case when fitting the heatsink,its easier to see then if its fitting flush to the cpu and not raised slightly at one side which sometimes happens.

  hugh-265156 00:15 21 Oct 2003

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