CPU Temp? - Dual Core Centre?

  Will 23:00 08 Jan 2009

I have just upgraded my computer with a new MB, CPU and RAM and everything has gone fine accept the CPU is tending to over heat under high demand. I am running a INTEL PENT Dual corp 2.5 (E5200)and have the "Dual Core Centre" software running. When Medal of Honour Airbourne is being played the over heat alarm goes off in the Dual Core Centre software and it shuts the computer down. I had a bit of a fiddle with the heat sink when fitting and have used a cooling tape as opposed to paste on the CPU but I will be trying paste tomorrow. What should be the maximum temperture for opporation of the CPU or where can I find it and does anybody else have trouble with the Dual Core Centre software. P.S. The heatsink came with the CPU. Thanks for any help as usual.

  citadel 23:09 08 Jan 2009

the cooler must not be touching properly, clean cpu with tim cleaner then use a very thin layer of paste.

  Will 23:16 08 Jan 2009

This is what I suspect also, so it is important that it is a thin film then? I also think the heatsink isn't seated hard enough oonto the CPU, can you replace the plugs on the corners?

  Jim_F 23:20 08 Jan 2009

Most Intel processors self throttle but I believe that anything up to the mid-70s (75) is OK: click here

It may be the alarm is too sensitive- if not you may not have an adequate CPU cooler or airflow. I know from experience that what has worked well for a single core can struggle with multiple cores.

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