cpu temp.

  ened 06:47 08 May 2004

Not wishing to digress on someone elses thread but my cpu runs at 48 according to the BIOS.
Is this too warm?
I used to have an MSI utility installed which showed a discrepancy with the bios of about10 degrees. ie.MSI57/bios46
Which should one believe or is it fair to say that if the machine is running without problems the temp must be okay?
Does running a higher temp reduce the life of cpu?

  keith-236785 06:57 08 May 2004

we would need a bit more info about your system, but for reference, my AMD XP1800 running on an ECS K7S5A mobo, runs at 52ºC.

  Valvegrid 07:37 08 May 2004

Any application that monitors temp should derive it's readings from the BIOS, I use Mother Board Monitor and the readings match the BIOS:

click here

You have to add 30ºC to the reading because the temperature is measured at the base of the socket, in your case 48º+30º=78ºC which sounds like it's fine. I'm using an AMD chip and the maximum rating is 90ºC, the measured temp is 43ºC therefore 43º+30ºC=73ºC which again is fine. paperman27 is running at 52ºC, so 52ºC+30ºC=82ºC if I remember I think that chip has a maximum of 95ºC, well within spec.

You will notice the temperature raises as the CPU chip is put under heavy use. There are applications to purposely heat the CPU chip up to make it run at it's maximum rating all the time, it supposed to be more efficient at higher temperatures, not sure about that practice though, wouldn't like to try it.

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