CPU and System Temp

  Leigha 17:10 14 May 2003

Hello, i currently have 5 fans running on my pc that are very noisy. i Have just installed a fan control in a central bay. All is working great. I have managed to get the noise down to a nice little hum, the CPU fan is still on full whack which is ok. Can you tell me roughly what the CPU temp should be and also the system TEMP.

I have an Athlon XP 1800

And also is there software that can monitor the temps without me going in to BIOS all the time ? Thanks, much apreciated...

  willhay 17:15 14 May 2003

My CPU temp is 36deg and its been on all day, try this for monitoring
click here

  willhay 17:17 14 May 2003

Oh forgot, it is also an Athlon XP 1800

  MartinT-B 17:21 14 May 2003

Get a bigger/better heatsink & fan!

I changed from a standard akasa with 70mm fan (running at 40C and 2500 rpm) to a Thermaltake with a 90mm fan. It's now 36C and 1800rpm and it's overclocked (slightly).

My Case 4 fans on 3 are connected because of the noise issue. The HS/Fan made a noticable difference and takes 5 minutes to do. If you're not confident, chat up someone in your local PC shop.

DO NOT TAKE IT TO PC WORLD - They'll rip you off.

  Leigha 17:24 14 May 2003

My CPU fan runs at 60oC is this dangerous ? The fan control is turned all the way up. The system temp is around 24oC

How do you guys get your temp down to the 30's ? obviously a bigger fan right !

  MartinT-B 17:29 14 May 2003


Please post full sys specs and when and where you got this PC

  willhay 17:32 14 May 2003

I have one case fan and the fan that came with the CPU (coolermaster) and that is all

  Rayuk 18:08 14 May 2003

You will get slightly higher temps using H/s and fans that come with the Athlon cpus.
To get lower temps means swapping heat sinks for better quality ones you could have a look click here
may give you a little insight.

  MartinT-B 19:23 14 May 2003

You have a coolermaster Heatsink and fan, or a coolermaster case?

  MartinT-B 19:28 14 May 2003


Got your email.

I suggest that you invest a few ££ in a better HS/Fan combo.

You say in your email to me that you added bits to a bundle you purchased. Are you confident in Changing your HS and Fan yourself.

It's slightly tricky until you know how, and you may well bend/break your Motherboard if you force it.

IMO, your Temp of 60C is too high on the specs you sent me. My CPU is currently 36 and my Mobo 16C!

FYI These are Leigha's specs:
Elite Athlon XP 1800 1.54 ghz
AK 785 SE Cooler
Elite K7 56A Mother Board
640MB PC2100 Ram

  powerless 19:33 14 May 2003

You have too many fans...

The air is probably being drawn in and then getting sucked out again by another fan. There is no direct airflow to the CPU, its merely brushing it...

Or the hot air is simply getting stuck because the fans are sucking and blowing in all directions.

Only have a fan on the CPU, graphics card and there will be one in the power supply unit.

Also have one case fan. Make sure they are positioned the right way round and do a little tidy up all the wires in the case.

Give the case room to breathe, do not shove it up against a wall or sit it directly on the carpet, wooden floor etc.

Look for a temperature of aroud 30C or even 40C and you'll be fine.

60C is a little high, but safe!

The max temp for the 1800 is 85-90C so it should be ok.

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