CPU swap

  sil_ver 12:43 29 Oct 2003

Before I return a CPU to supplier as duff could someone advise me. If I try it on a different PC without first going into bios and resetting the processor speed will it be recognised on bootup or will it fail to do anything? What I'm going to try is to fit a 1.3GHz duron in place of an xp2000+

  alan 2273 13:11 29 Oct 2003

I recently upgraded a computer from a 1.3 Duron to a xp 2000 and the bios recognized it without me altering anything so I would assume it would work the other way.

  alan 2273 13:13 29 Oct 2003

Should have added check which FSB ( 100 or 133 )the 2000xp is running on as you may nee to changs this.

  sil_ver 21:35 29 Oct 2003

Motherboard doesn't auto recognise 133FSB and has to be set manually.

  sil_ver 21:36 29 Oct 2003

Should have added 133FSB has to be set in BIOS.

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